Hank III From Europe (MUST SEE Videos!)

Hank Williams IIIFor whatever reason, over the last few years Europe has become a huge support base for REAL country music. Bands that can barely scratch by in the Stars and Stripes are treated like top notch celebrities over the pond, with larger, more attentive and appreciative crowds and better pay. I have also met a lot of great friends, corespondents, and readers in the last year plus in doing this from Europe, people who appreciate and sometimes are fighting for a culture that is not their own, though they appreciate and respect it more than most who were raised in it.

That is why it made me so happy when Hank III announced that he would be touring Europe. Finally Europe would get a taste of one of the premier REAL country acts. Reviews, photos, and videos have been streaming in from III’s various appearances, and I have tried to compile most of them here for you.

First off Restless in Amsterdam has reviews, complete with pictures and some videos, of Hank III at the Lowlands Festival and at Underground in Cologne. Psychobimba from France also has some pictures of the Cologne show HERE.

There is also some BIG and professional quality photos of III from the Copenhagen show HERE. Gary Lindsey always seems to stand out in the still photos.

But the best thing to come out of Europe so far are the following videos by superscum done in amazing quality, with multiple cameras, and pro sound. I have never seen videos of this quality done for a REAL country artist, and it includes some NEW Hank III songs. When you get a chance, sit down, crack one open, and enjoy the closest thing you can get to a live Hank III show. Simply amazing.


You can now watch the whole hour long Hank III set from Lowlands with no interruptions by clicking here. You might want to watch it soon, because it may not be up forever.


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