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Just some quick random stuff . . .

New Hank III Videos !!!

LiveDaily.com has just posted three exclusive video performances of Hank III and his very young and impressional banjer picker Daniel Mason, so roll over there and check them out. Good stuff!

And for you Hank III merch nerds:

Can be purchased HERE.

At 50 bucks it’s a little too rich for my blood.

Podcast News:

It Burns When I Pee has released a new episode:

I had heard through the rumor mill that Big G of the Texas Roadshow was involved in this episode, but I had no idea to what extent. Two of my favorite record spinners collaborated to make one of the funniest IBWIP episodes yet! Great interview with Bob Wayne as well, and shout out’s to a few of the Free Hank III faithful!

Also Outlaw Radio is going to have Joe Buck on the show this Tuesday the 27th at 9 PM Central!!!

And last but not least, stay tuned to this blog because in the next one (barring any breaking news) there will be a chance for you to actually WIN something!

Details coming.

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