Johnny Cash Is Going Back on Tour … Sort Of

No, the real Johnny Cash has not been resurrected to save country music. If that was the case, then we would really have a story. Nor has his essence been reconstituted in a fictional form to slay vampires or anything fantastical such as that. And no, this isn’t one of those situations where they haul out one of those holographic images and try to pass it off as the real thing.

This is is something … well … different. There will be real live musicians in the flesh touring around the country playing Johnny Cash songs, and sometimes singing them. And Johnny Cash will be there, at least in recorded form. It’s all received the blessing of Johnny Cash’s son and primary estate caretaker John Carter Cash. It’s called “Johnny Cash: The Official Concert Experience,” and it’s very likely coming to a concert venue near you.

The production promises to bring the songs and stories from the ‘Man in Black’ to the stage in a way that audiences haven’t seen or heard before. As video from the legendary Johnny Cash Show recorded at the Ryman plays on a projection screen, real life musicians will play in sync with the original recordings, reenacting these landmark moments. Cash will also sing some of his most iconic hits like “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Ring of Fire,” and “I Walk the Line.”

Johnny Cash will also tell stories about other legends of music and ordinary people he met along the way. Both male and female singers will also split vocal duties performing their own takes on Johnny Cash hits. No word on who exactly the singers or musicians that may be involved will be at the moment. “This brand new concert experience will bring my father and his music back to fans all around the world,” says John Carter Cash.

This could end up being a very cool experience, or perhaps a kind of cheesy one. With the very extensive calendar they have already assembled for the tour with more dates on the way, they seem to be very confident in their concept.

It feels somewhat similar to a concert concept Randy Travis attempted to launch in 2019 where members of Randy’s original band would perform Randy Travis classics sung by James Dupré, with Randy Travis appearing on stage as well. But only three of the twelve original dates moved forward, with “production concerns” being cited as the reason for the cancellations. Travis and the production have since played a select number of shows after Covid-19.

We’ll just have to see how well “Johnny Cash: The Official Concert Experience” is received. But with the continuing appeal for Johnny Cash’s music in the United States and around the world, there will definitely be some interested to see what it’s all about. See full tour dates below.

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