Joshua Ray Walker Gets National TV Opp Singing National Anthem

Go Joshua Ray Walker!

Sunday, October 24th was the running of the United States’ only stop on the Formula 1 racing series at the Circuit of the Americas just outside of Austin, TX, and none other than Dallas native and reigning Saving Country Music Song of the Year winner Joshua Ray Walker sang the National Anthem.

While some were gobsmacked to see one of their favorite up-and-coming independent country artists unexpectedly on their screen, other folks were taking to Google to figure out who this guy was with his cowboy hat placed over his heart, yellow roses of Texas adorning his shoulders, and a Texas warble in his voice.

Joshua Ray Walker nailed the performance of course. As his fans know, along with being a top-flight songwriter, Walker might have one of the best voices going in country music. He was able to work in some twang in the performance, and then busted out his signature yodel near the end, with the crowd going wild. Aside from some wind cutting out the microphone in a couple of spots, it was a flawless rendition.

Joshua Ray Walker just released his third studio album, and the last in a trilogy called See You Next Time on October 8th. Walker was part of a gang of multiple local independent Texas artists that Circuit of the Americas made sure to highlight as part of the festivities. San Antonio’s Garrett T. Capps who also just released a record, and Austin’s Mayeux & Broussard also performed on the weekend.

As Saving Country Music highlighted earlier this year, singing the National Anthem in a prominent spot can be an important stepping stone in a singer’s career, with Reba McEntire and others getting their first dash of national recognition from the opportunity. We probably shouldn’t expect Joshua Ray Walker to start selling out arenas all of a sudden, but it is cool to see an independent artist with a voice worthy for national recognition receive that opportunity.

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