Kip Moore Is Latest to Tap Cool Openers for Upcoming Tour

Kip Moore has always been a wild one in mainstream country, making his way forward outside of the Bro-Country and standard radio model (well, except for “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck”). Similar to Eric Church, Kip Moore has mainly been a rock artist in the country space, if not even to a greater degree than Church in recent years. Kip Moore may not be for you, but he’s one of these guys that’s hard to hate on, even if you can’t find favor with his music.

It’s certainly hard to fault him for who he’s chosen to open on his upcoming 20-city “The How High Tour.” Looking well beyond the stable of uninspiring mainstream up-and-comers that are usually tapped for a tour like this, Kip had dug deep in the well of the who’s who in actual country music to help.

This includes Triston Marez, who’s the modern traditional country performer making lots of buzz at the moment blowing off from his debut self-titled album. It also includes Gabe Lee, who’s considered one of the best singer/songwriters out there at the moment, who’s got his own buzz going from his recent album Honky Tonk Hell. Gabe was also recently selected for the upcoming American Aquarium tour, meaning the word is finally getting out about this guy.

Also joining Kip Moore for select dates will be Lainey Wilson, who is one of the bright spots in the mainstream at the moment, not just with her new record Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, but with the single “Thing A Man Oughta Know,” that’s rocketing up the charts. Larry Fleet is also a guy with a more traditional country sound, and a big song in “Where I Found God,” and he gets a few opening slots on the tour as well, as does Jordan Fletcher.

Whether you hit up a Kip Moore date or not, it’s good to see him digging deeper, and the amount of deserving gals and dudes getting on bigger tours is a welcomed development post pandemic. As opposed to just lining up the usual suspects as openers, performers are starting to book who they want, who inspire them, who they listen to, and who can benefit more for the opportunity. Kip Moore is just the latest.

The How High Tour Dates:

10/14 – Chicago, IL w/ Triston Marez
10/15 – Newport, KY w/ Triston Marez
10/16 – Rochester, NY w/ Triston Marez
10/21 – Fort Wayne, IN w/ Triston Marez
10/22 – Grand Rapids, MI w/ Triston Marez
10/23 – Detroit, MI w/ Triston Marez
11/4 – Knoxville, TN w/ Jordan Fletcher
11/5 – Chattanooga, TN w/ Jordan Fletcher
11/6 – Asheville, NC w/ Jordan Fletcher
11/11 – Huntsville, AL w/ Jordan Fletcher
11/12 – Charlotte, NC w/ Jordan Fletcher
11/13 – Orange Beach, AL w/ Jordan Fletcher
11/19 – North Myrtle Beach, SC w/ Larry Fleet
11/20 – Raleigh, NC w/ Larry Fleet
11/21 – Silver Spring, MD w/ Larry Fleet
12/2 – Kansas City, MO w/ Gabe Lee
12/3 – Kearney, NE w/ Lainey Wilson & Gabe Lee
12/4 – Dubuque, IA w/ Lainey Wilson & Gabe Lee
12/17 – Phoenix, AZ
12/18 – San Diego, CA

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