Newest Additions to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#37)

If you’ve been paying attention to Saving Country Music, then you should already know that the name Logan Ledger is one you should be paying attention to. But up to this point, whatever potential this burgeoning performer had was all hypothetical. Now that has all changed. There will be much more on Logan Ledger in the coming days and weeks, but rest assured it’s a name you will be hearing often after getting a load of his voice and style. His first official piece of widely-released recorded music called “Starlight” leads the newest additions of the Saving Country Music Top 25 playlist.

Joining Logan Ledger on the playlist is the much more established Hayes Carll, whose new album What It Is makes a case for itself as one of the best so far in 2019, and his song “If I May Be So Bold” makes the list. Few are more established in country music than Reba McEntire, and she promised her most country record of her career with her upcoming album Stronger Than The Truth, and so far she has delivered and then some, first with the Western Swing-styled “No U In Oklahoma,” and now the heartbreaking “Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain” that makes the playlist.

Part of the fun of the playlist is discovering something new, and the new single from Gethen Jenkins called “Restless Ways” gives a good introduction to this Outlaw-style singer and songwriter if you need one. The Shootouts bring the classic country twang hard and heavy in the song “If I Could” off their album Quick Draw, which will be out in May. And if you like the more thoughtful, songwriter-driven approach to country indicative of acts like Jason Isbell, Austin Lucas, etc., you’re going to want to be on the lookout for Nathan Seeckts whose new album The Heart of the City is out at the end of March. His new song “Old Blood” also makes the playlist.

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Please Note: The songs on this playlist are curated for listening pleasure and flow. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist:

  • “Starlight” – Logan Ledger – Starlight/Imagining Raindrops Split
  • “If I Could” – The Shootouts – Quick Draw (5-10)
  • “Less Is More” – Reverie Lane – (single)
  • “Restless Ways” – Gethen Jenkins – (single)
  • “Rainbow” – Kacey Musgraves –  Golden Hour
  • “Bad Habit” – The Golden Roses – Terlingua Graveyard
  • “Loves Little Lies” – Weldon Henson – Texas Made Honky Tonk
  • “Dear Country Music” – Lars Pluto and the Reavers – (single)
  • “Tammy Wynette Kind of Pain” – Reba – Stronger Than The Truth (4-7)
  • “Mountain Girl” – Sane Smith & the Saints – (single)
  • “Coal Country” – Charles Wesley Godwin – Seneca
  • “Mint Condition” – Caroline Spence – Long Haul/Mint Condition
  • “Where I Parked My Mind” – Tim Bluhm – Sorta Surviving (out 3-29)
  • “Take The Journey” – Molly Tuttle – When You’re Ready (out 4-5)
  • “If I May Be So Bold” – Hayes Carll – What It Is
  • “Monday Morning Merle” – Cody Johnson – Ain’t Nothin’ To It
  • “Just Between You And Me”  – Jake Blocker – (single)
  • “Bourbon Hound” – Della Mae w/ Molly Tuttle, Avril Smith – (single)
  • “Good and Drunk” – Ward Davis – Asunder EP
  • “One Love Song” – Michaela Anne feat. Sam Outlaw – (single)
  • “Trouble” – Joshua Ray Walker – Wish You Were Here
  • “Old Blood” – Nathan Seeckts – The Heart of the City (3-29)
  • “Every Little Honky Tonk Bar” – George Strait – Honky Tonk Time Machine
  • “Wherever You Are” – The Steel Woods – Old News
  • “Die From A Broken Heart” – Maddie & Tae – (single)
  • “Evangeline” – Randy Houser – Magnolia

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