Newest Adds to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#128)

The Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist is built to keep you informed on all the best songs and albums coming out right here, right now in country and roots music. It’s available on most all streaming formats (see below), or you can just use the song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to. New songs just added.

Newest Additions:

Mike and the Moonpies – “We’re Gone” – Mike and the Moonpies are one of the greatest live bands in the history of ever, and their new album Live from the Devil’s Backbone has captured this exquisitely. Their show ender is one of the reasons people stumble out of Moonpies shows swearing to anyone and everyone that will listen that they’ve just seen the best band in the world.

Dylan LeBlanc – “Coyote” – LeBlanc has a lot of people looking forward to October 20th when his concept album about comes out. The title track is about the main character trying to find his way out of poverty in the criminal underworld. It’s not only topical, it gives you vibes of the best of JJ Cale.

The Steel Woods – “You Don’t Even Know Who I Am” – It’s rare that covers make it into the Top 25 Playlist, but this rendition for a song written by Gretchen Peters and popularized by Patty Loveless is so rare itself, it’s worth highlighting from the new album by The Steel Woods called On Your Time.

Margo Cilker – “Lowland Trail” – “Lowland Trail” is about much more than finding your way through rugged terrain. But the landscape it evokes in the mind’s eye primes the imagination to accept the song’s true meaning. From Cilker’s new album Valley of Heart’s Delight.

Ellis Bullard – “Honky Tonk Ain’t Noise Pollution” – Ellis Bullard is the latest guy you should be paying attention to from the Austin honky tonk scene, and this song gets you salivating for his new album of the same name coming February 9th, 2024.

Charley Crockett – “Tecumseh Valley” – It’s been a big year for live albums, and Charley Crockett just released one of his own from The Ryman. Though you could pick some of Charley’s hits from the set, his acoustic version to Townes Van Zandt’s “Tecumseh Valley” might be the best moment of the entire performance.

Willie Nelson – “Still Is Still Moving To Me” – Willie Nelson recently released an album of Bluegrass renditions of some of his most iconic songs, and this version of “Still Is Still Moving” reinvigorates this Willie classic and is one of the crown jewels of the album.

Charles Wesley Godwin – “Family Ties” – It’s hard to pick a favorite song from Godwin’s new album, but the title track and its punctuated “Strike Me Down!” feels like it could be the ‘hit” of the set.

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Please Note: The songs on this playlist are curated for listening pleasure and flow. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist:

  • “Honky Tonk Ain’t Noise Pollution” – Ellis Bullard – Honky Tonk Ain’t Noise Pollution (2-9-’24)
  • “Family Ties” – Charles Wesley Godwin – Family Ties
  • “Dollar General Sign” – Joe Stamm Band – Wild Man
  • “Lowland Trail” – Margo Cilker – Valley Of Heart’s Delight
  • “We’re Gone” – Mike and the Moonpies – Live from the Devil’s Backbone
  • “When Country Came Back To Town” – Brent Cobb – Southern Star
  • “Rustin’ In The Rain” – Tyler Childers – Rustin’ In The Rain
  • “Brought Me” – Turnpike Troubadours – A Cat in the Rain
  • “Right Back” – Jenny Tolman – (single)
  • “Still Is Still Moving To Me” – Willie Nelson – Bluegrass
  • “You Don’t Even Know Who I Am” – The Steel Woods – On Your Time
  • “Coyote” – Dylan LeBlanc – Coyote (10-20)
  • “This Train” The Country Side of Harmonica Sam – Back To The Blue Side
  • “Blue Endless Highway” – Nick Shoulders – All Bad
  • “Thundertown” – Tony Logue – The Crumbs
  • “Keeping Tyler” – Posey Hill – No Clear Place to Fall
  • “Wish I Was” – Royce Johns – Thank Ya Kindly
  • “Conspiracies, Cults & UFOs – John R. Miller – Heat Comes Down
  • “Hey Driver” – Zach Bryan feat. The War and Treaty – Self-Titled
  • “Here Comes The Night” – Scott Southworth – Comin’ Round to Honky Tonk Again
  • “Learned To Lie” – Ashley McBryde – The Devil I Know
  • Way Down in Mississippi” – Jason Eady – Mississippi
  • “Tecumseh Valley” – Charley Crockett – Live from the Ryman
  • “Aquamarine” – Kimmi Bitter – (single)
  • “Daredevil” – Whey Jennings – Just Before The Dawn
  • “The Wild” – Gabe Lee – Drink The River
  • “Do You Remember Country Music” – Tony Jackson – I’ve Got Songs To Sing
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