Newest Adds to Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist (#137)

2024 is shaping up to be a bumper crop year for incredible country songs, and ones coming from a wide array of performers in a myriad of different approaches to the country genre. Keeping your ear to the ground has become even more imperative as tracks churn through this playlist faster than they ever have before.

The Saving Country Music Top 25 Playlist is built to keep you informed on all the best songs and albums coming out right here, right now in country and roots music. It’s available on most all streaming formats (see below), or you can just use the song, artist, and album recommendations to find something new to listen to. New songs just added.

Newest Additions:

Pat Reedy – “Make It Back Home” – Pat Reedy is the kind of cool and real every other country artist wishes they could be. A traveling musician and a blue collar hero, he puts his real life experiences into songs that speak to us all, underscored by the super compelling melody of the title track from his brand new album.

ERNEST feat. Lukas Nelson – “Why Dallas” – It continues to be harder and harder to call Ernest a poser just because he’s one of Morgan Wallen’s primary songwriters. As he proves with “Why Dallas,” his pivot to traditional country—and in this case, Western Swing—is no phase. Throw Lukas Nelson in the mix and “Why Dallas” is a winner. New album Nashville, Tennessee out April 12th.

Taylor Hunnicutt – “Alabama Sound” – Taylor Hunnicutt is already one of the fastest-rising performers on the live circuit, burning down stages with her Southern rock band and blowing people away with her howitzer of a voice. The title track to her new album captures that heavy, gritty, greasy sound.

Kimmi Bitter – “Vagabond Blues” – Kimmi Bitter just keeps on churning out songs that give you chills in how transportive they are to a better time in music and life. This one is autobiographical in how she’s become a vagabond to spread her vintage sound. New album Old School is out March 29th.

Cody Jinks – “What You Love” – It’s still early, but here in March, Cody Jinks might be the leader in the clubhouse for Song of the Year with this fine specimen of songwriting with an assist from Tennessee Jet. Bolstered by piano and a lush string arrangement, this is a full-hearted, full-throated effort by Jinks to convey what he’s learned through persevering through adversity and rising to the top.

Sierra Ferrell – “Chittlin’ Cookin’ Time in Cheatham County” – With the first new addition to the playlist from Sierra Ferrell, we find her capturing the whimsy that makes her live show so magical with this old-time tune originally written by Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith. It’s from Ferrell’s new album Trail of Flowers out now.

Sierra Ferrell – “Wish You Well” – Ferrell shows off her songwriting brilliance in a song that conveys the truth that the easiest path to overcoming heartbreak is not revenge, avoidance, distraction, or even time, but forgiveness. It’s the poetic and compelling ways Ferrell conveys this fact that makes you actually listen and heed this adage as opposed to just hear it.

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Please Note: The songs on this playlist are curated for listening pleasure and flow. Otherwise, they are not in any specific order.

Saving Country Music’s Top 25 Current Playlist:

  • “Make It Back Home” – Pat Reedy – Make It Back Home
  • “Vagabond Blues” – Kimmi Bitter – Old School (3/29)
  • “Use Me” – Zach Top – Cold Beer & Country Music (4/5)
  • “The Deep End” – Blaine Bailey – Home
  • “$10 Cowboy” – Charley Crockett – $10 Cowboy (4/16)
  • “Chittlin’ Cookin’ Time in Cheatham County” – Sierra Ferrell – Trail of Flowers
  • “Single Threat” – Chad Greene with Anna Nalick – The Iceman Cometh
  • “Why Dallas” – ERNEST feat. Lukas Nelson – NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (4/12)
  • “What You Love” – Cody Jinks – Change The Game
  • “Young, Wild & Free” – Ellis Bullard – Honky Tonk Ain’t Noise Pollution
  • “Alabama Sound” – Taylor Hunnicutt – Alabama Sound
  • “Cecilia” – Conrad Fisher – (single)
  • “Fly Ya To Hawaii” – Wonder Women of Country – Willis, Carper, Leigh
  • “Waitin’ on the World to End” – Addison Johnson – Dangerous Men
  • “Blue Over You” – Mason Ramsey – (single)
  • “I Know It’ll Never End” – The Castellows – A Little Goes A Long Way EP
  • “Bandwagon” – Larry Peninsula – (single)
  • “The Only One” – Rachel Brooke – (single)
  • “First Snow” – Colby T. Helms – Tales of Misfortune
  • “Two-Faced” – Stephanie Lambring – Hypocrite (4/19)
  • “Redneck Rehab” – Corb Lund – El Viejo
  • “Never Love Again” – Sentimental Family Band – Sweethearts Only (3/29)
  • “Nothing But A Shadow” – The HawtThorns – Zero Gravity (4/5)
  • “Don’t Mind If I Do” – Blackberry Smoke – Be Right Here
  • “Old School” – Kimmi Bitter – Old School (3/29)
  • “Not Letting Go” – William Michael Morgan – (single)
  • “Right Back To It” – Waxahatchee – Tigers Blood (3/24)
  • “Wish You Well” – Sierra Ferrell – Trail of Flowers
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