Oh Thank Goodness: Willie Nelson Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

photo: Family Hospital Systems

Oh thank goodness. And all you wing nuts who believe the vaccine includes Bill Gates microchips or jellyfish plasma or whatever, hush up. We don’t want to hear any of it. We just want to hear that Willie Nelson is one step closer to not being the latest victim of COVID-19—“complications” or otherwise. The disease has taken too many good souls in Willie Nelson’s age group, including from the ranks of legendary country music performers, and folks have been worried about Willie specifically ever since the pandemic started.

The rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in its various incarnations has been tediously slow and beset with all sorts of problems, especially on the state and local level as health officials struggle to figure out how to get vaccines into arms. But Willie Nelson who well-qualifies to be one of the first in line at 87-years-old and with a history of health and breathing problems got his prick via drive in at the Cedar Park Family ER near Austin this week.

“Getting your COVID vaccine is Willie cool!” the clinic said while posting photos of Willie Nelson receiving his first shot. Willie Nelson drove himself to the clinic in what appears to be a new Tesla, and gave a thumbs up after the shot. Willie will still need his second shot and a few weeks for the full immunity to kick in, but today many country fans are breathing a sigh of relief.

No word at the moment if other older country legends such as Loretta Lynn, Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton and others have received vaccine shots as of yet, but hopefully they do soon.

It was also announced earlier this week that Willie Nelson will be the keynote speaker at 2021’s SXSW Conference in March, which is currently planning a hybrid event combining live moments and online content.

“No individual has had the cultural impact on, or been more synonymous with the creative vibrancy of Austin than Willie Nelson, and we are incredibly honored to have him as a SXSW Online 2021 Keynote,” said Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer. “In addition to dozens of incredible featured speakers, today’s announcement also includes more than 200 sessions curated from our global community via PanelPicker, and is a key part of the premium content you can expect from SXSW Online 2021.”

There’s many of us, but only one Willie. Best to keep him around as long as we can.

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