Pre-Order “The Rebel Within” (+Tracks & Cover)

Hank Williams III The Rebel Within CoverLike I reported a couple of days ago, Hank III’s new album Rebel Within is going to be released on May 25th, 2010. We now have the track list and cover art (see below), and you can pre-order either the CD, or LP+CD set.

Fans are being asked to pre-order Rebel Within for a number of reasons. First, pre-orders are used by labels and distributors to gauge the strength of an upcoming project. Of course nothing is for certain (esp. with Curb Records), but if an album has really strong pre-orders, they might decide to make more CD’s, give the album better distribution, or promote it better.

Pre-orders also factor in big when it comes to album charts. If you ask me, charts don’t mean very much these days, but when Hank III’s last album Damn Right, Rebel Proud charted #2 on Billboard’s Country Charts, it was like a shot right across Music Row’s bow. That #2 rating was due in large part to the amount of album pre-orders, and being that high in the charts helped get Hank III’s name out to the masses, and other REAL country band’s names out by proxy.

I understand times are tough. I’m sure that there’s some reading this right now that won’t be able to spare the green to buy the album at all. But if you’re going to buy it anyway, you might as well pre-order and help the artist out a little bit. This goes for Hank III, and ANY artist you might support. But if you can’t, you have many other ways you can show your support, and not all of them require you to spend money.

It also happens to help out if you pre-order either from the links below, or by using the portal to the top right of the page. It doesn’t cost you a penny more, but 4 pennies for every dollar go back to the website to help pay for costs. The way to insure that the most money goes to the artist when buying music is to buy it from them DIRECTLY, but unfortunately Hank III and other major label artists aren’t allowed to do that.

And while I’m whoring myself, you can use that Amazon portal any time to buy stuff, not just music, and it helps support the site and it costs you nothing more.

Pre-Order Rebel Within CD

Pre-Order Rebel Within Vinyl LP + CD

And by the way, if you’re wondering why the CD+LP is cheaper than just the CD, trust me, the CD price will go down to $14.99 here shortly, and Amazon will refund the difference back.

  • 1. Getting’ Drunk and Fallin’ Down
  • 2. Rebel Within’
  • 3. Lookin’ For A Mountain
  • 4. Gone But Not Forgotten
  • 5. Drinkin’ Ain’t Hard To Do
  • 6. Moonshiner’s Life
  • 7. #5
  • 8. Karmageddon
  • 9. Lost In Oklahoma
  • 10. Tore Up and Loud
  • 11. Drinkin’ Over Mama

Hank Williams III The Rebel Within Cover

PS: No, that is not a Keith Neltner cover.

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