Radney Foster Has 10 Guitars & Custom Amp Stolen – UPDATED


UPDATE: Six of the 10 guitars have been found! Check below for updates.

Texas singer-songwriter Radney Foster is on the lookout for ten guitars and a Del Rio amp that were stolen from him recently, including the 1988 Gibson J-100 he can be seen holding above, and a Martin D-28 that was the first guitar he ever bought. The guitars were taken from a locked storage unit in Nashville. Thieves apparently busted the door jamb to enter the locked unit, and made out with its contents. The Del Rio, TX-native is asking people to be on the lookout for the items, and to post pictures of the guitars if they have them.

“Radney put his guitars in a storage unit, so that they would be locked up (and climate controlled) after his studio flooded,” says his manager Tamara Saviano. Radney was affected like many musicians in the flooding of the Cumberland River in May of 2010. “It was inside a facility that needed an access code, and the thief must have seen him loading, because he busted the door jam enough to get the door open with the lock still on.”

Apparently one of the guitars has already potentially been spotted in a consignment shop, and Radney is currently looking into seeing if more guitars may have come from the same seller.

UPDATE (9-15 5:30 PM CDT): From Radney Foster,One of the guitars was already found! Someone in Dallas saw my FB post, texted Jon Randall in Nashville, who just happened to be near a guitar shop..and found the J-45! Talking with the police right now; photos to come.

UPDATE (9-15 8:00 PM CDT): Six of the ten guitars have been found in a local shop in Nashville, and apparently two others could be found shortly.

All hail the power of social media!” says Radney. “6 of the 10 guitars have been recovered with your help, and I have a line on where to find two more tomorrow. They were stolen from a locked storage unit in Nashville.”

The two guitars that are still missing for sure are the Martin D-28 Acoustic, and the Gibson Black J-30 acoustic. See pictures below.


More info when it becomes available. Meanwhile be on the lookout for the following items:

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Original List of Stolen Guitars

1978 Martin D-28 Acoustic
serial #395100

The first guitar I ever bought. I wrote “Crazy Over You” on this guitar.

1988 Gibson Sunburst J-100 Acoustic with bow tie fret markers

serial #82359003

Seen on the cover of Del Rio, TX, 1959 (the original and the revisited). I wrote “Just Call Me Lonesome,” “Nobody Wins” and countless other songs on this guitar.

1988 Gibson black J-30 acoustic with RCA Nashville logo headstock
serial # 93210004
RCA gave this as a Christmas gift when I was in Foster and Lloyd. It was stolen once before in Houston, and I kept the Houston police evidence tag on it!

1958 Gibson Les Paul Jr. (Single cutaway sunburst)
serial #8-4239
This belonged to one of my dad’s best friends. He sold it to me, only after I promised to love it and play it on a record. 


1948 Martin 000-18 Acoustic
serial #111-578
This belonged to my cousin’s husband. She wanted me to have it, so that it would be played and loved again.

1990’s Fender Telecaster, blonde (1952 reissue)
serial #16594

1966 Fender Jazzmaster Lake Placid Blue (faded to green)
serial #112025

1967 Fender Jaguar (Lake Placid Blue)
serial #196634

1972 Fender Telecaster Thinline (blonde)
serial #356104

Gibson J-45 Blonde, Rad-50 on headstock (says “Happy Birthday Radney”)
Serial # 01489003

My band gave me this guitar on my 50th birthday.


E-bo custom amp.
One of a kind, with a Texas cut out.


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