Rosie Flores Breaks Arm, Needs Help

Rosie Flores Rosie Flores, The Rockabilly Filly, had a great fall recently and broke a wing (frown). Which means she’s not going to be able to go on an upcoming scheduled tour and make money (double frown). And she may have to have surgery and the med bills are rising (triple frown). And she has no insurance (frown, and fist in the air!).

So fans are being asked to GO HERE and throw a few bones Rosie’s way.

How did Rosie break her arm? Funny you ask. She was actually rescuing baby seals from rain forest trees when she was attacked by Al-Qaeda. That’s right, so giving to Rosie is “going green” and good for America all at the same time! It’s helping Rosie too, but that really doesn’t help alleviate the guilt imparted to you by the media and academia. Still, give till it hurts!

I have around 12,000 unique readers that come here every month. So according to my tedious calculations, if everyone gave a dollar, we would raise like a hundred thousand millions dollars! Or think about it like this: Remember in sex ed class when they told you if you had unprotected sex with one person, and then that person had unprotected sex with two other people, and on and on, that it was like having unprotected sex with thousands of people all at the same time? Well if you give a dollar (or more), and tell two friends to give a dollar, and then THOSE two friends tell two friends, think of the money we could raise! Though you might get some crazy disease, or numerous crazy diseases, or pregnant . . . . . OK scrap this whole analogy.

To put my money where my big fat mouth is, I decided to take ALL the money I’ve collected from the Saving Country Music donate button over the past three months, double it out of my own pocket, and send it her way. Unfortunately, I received not a red penny through the donate button (frown again) so I could triple it and still end up with zero. Still my bum ass just went over there and dropped a few bucks in. Rosie gave me my favorite moment of SXSW this year and I paid not a dime to get in, so it’s the least I can do.

I don’t want to get on a soap box here, but Rosie Flores is one of the greatest female guitar players that ever lived. She’s a legend. She’s rockabilly royalty. She a national treasure, and it makes me SICK that her, OR ANYBODY has to face tough financial decisions when it comes to their health. All the great music that Rosie has given to us over the years, she deserves the dignity to be making health decisions based on what is best for her long term, not what she can do due to financial limitations.

And I say this every time money comes up. We all give and do what we can. Some reading this right now are in need themselves. If you can’t give, no guilt needs to be given either. You can also support Rosie by buying her music, seeing her when she gets back on her feet, telling your friends about her, leaving a message on her myspace account, or just keeping her in your thoughts. Whatever you give will come back. It always does.

THIS is what separates US from THEM my friends. We are family.

Get better Rosie.

Rosie Flores SXSW 2010Rosie Flores SXSW 2010Rosie Flores SXSW 2010

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