Song Review – Silverada’s “Wallflower”

An increased level of interest comes with the debut of Silverada’s first new single after the band recently changed their name from Mike and the Moonpies. Would the sound change as well? Or would it still be the same great band, just a new name? When it comes to the song “Wallflower,” the answer is yes, and yes.

What made Mike and the Moonpies America’s favorite independent honky tonk bands is how they encapsulated little slices of the honky tonk life into their songs, playing off of country music’s clichés in smart ways. Their song “You Look Good in Neon” is a good example of this.

“Wallflower” fits right into that same vein, incorporating the nickname for folks that roll solo and often keep to themselves even in social situations. In this case, a wallflower becomes a barfly and the allure of the protagonist’s eye.

Instead of relying solely on that late ’70s Gary Stewart sound that the old Mike and the Moonpies leaned into, there’s more gas behind “Wallflower,” veering deeper into the rock territory than we’ve heard from this outfit previously. Yet with the lyricism and Zachary Moulton’s signature lightning flutters on the steel guitar, it ensures “Wallflower” is still a country song, just one that includes an ’80s rock and roll kick.

“Wallflower” isn’t just the first new song from Mike and the Moonpies since the name change. It’s also the first song with the band since they added drummer Taylor Englert, sans the two standalone songs from their recent Redbird EP. Englert comes with a bit more attack and tempo in his approach, and “Wallflower” reflects that.

This was the song that Silverada opened with at Mile 0 Fest last week after revealing the new name, and no doubt it was a crowd-pleaser. One challenge for the band has been instilling their studio recordings with the same energy as their live shows. “Wallflower” is a step in that direction.

Silverada’s self-titled album is due out on June 28th, and it’s sure to include some of the more sentimental and thoughtful songwriting that Silverada frontman Mike Harmier is also known for. But for now, it’s time to rock with “Wallflower.”

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