Sources: The Ernest Tubb Record Shop to Reopen

On May 3rd, 2022, the Ernest Tubb Record Shop celebrated its 75th Anniversary of being open for business, marking the festivities by holding a special edition of the Midnite Jamboree with multiple performances. Then the establishment promptly turned around and closed its doors, presumably for good.

The country music landmark had become embroiled in a legal dispute between the previous owner David McCormick, and the new owners JesseLee Jones and Emily Ann Cousins of Robert’s Western World. What first appeared to be the perfect deal to preserve the property and business by transferring it to JesseLee Jones ended up with the respective parties announcing the Ernest Tubb Record Shop would be closing, and put up for sale.

“It’s with great sadness that we share the news that the Ernest Tubb Record Shop — building and business — will be sold,” the March 11th statement said conclusively. “Due to changes in circumstances out of our control, it’s now clear the best way forward is to sell the business and the real estate.”

But over the past few days, the previous owner, David McCormick, and people close to him have been signaling that hope springs eternal, and the Ernest Tubb Record Shop will be opening its doors once again, and soon.

While commenting on an article here at Saving Country Music on Sunday, May 8th, David McCormick said, “Too bad there are those out there who want to make up lies with their opinion. On a lighter note, the record shop will be reopening.”

Then On Monday (5-9), former Ernest Tubb Record Shop music buyer and recording musician Cliff Gerken said, “Hundreds of news articles…Thousands of fans…Multiple petitions…And wonderful people who love country music and prayed for it’s heritage… Great news! The Ernest Tubb Record Shop is not closing!! They will be reopening soon!! Details will be forthcoming!!”

Unfortunately, further information is not available at this time, and numerous attempts to confirm the news with David McCormick or clarify the details have not been responded to.

However, Saving Country Music did contact the Davidson County Probate Court, where the legal dispute between David McCormick and JesseLee Jones is being litigated as part of a David McCormick conservatorship. Though the court documents in the case remain sealed, the court clerk was able to confirm that on Tuesday, May 10th, there was court action in the case awarding fees between the respective parties, and once again sealing the documents in the case. Often lawyer and legal fees are awarded once a lawsuit has been resolved, or is nearing resolution, though there has been no confirmation this is the case with this lawsuit.

Since the court documents are sealed and there may be non-disclosure agreements in place, the respective parties my not be at liberty to speak about what is happening with the legal action surrounding the Ernest Tubb Record Shop even if there has been some resolution.

Did all the news stories, public outcry, petition signatures, and social media posts pressure the court and the litigants to find a solution that didn’t include liquidating one of the most important living pieces of country music history? We just don’t know at the moment, nor do we know when the Ernest Tubb Record Shop may re-open its doors, and what the ownership/management of the business may be.

But after saying in a statement in March that the business and building would be liquidated in the “spring,” and it now being May 10th with still no news on a pending sale, perhaps a resolution has been found to keep the Ernest Tubb Record Shop in tact, at least for now.

Stay tuned to Saving Country Music for further details on the Ernest Tubb Record Shop when they become available.

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