Sturgill Simpson Live At Sun King Brewery

sturgill-simpson-breweryHave you ever had a dessert that’s just too rich? A girlfriend or boyfriend that’s just too damn hot? That’s how it feels with Sturgill Simpson‘s music. This stuff is so good, it hurts. Any new material from Sturgill demands an immediate stop down of one’s life to pay attention. Seriously Sturgill, we’ve got shit to do. The man, his writing, his impeccable sense of timing in music that is virtually unparalleled. Jesus, can June 1tth and the release of High Top Mountain just get here so we can share this bounty with the rest of the world?

Below are some selections from a live set at the Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis on April 5th, presented by MOKB. Not recommended for those with heart conditions. And if that wasn’t enough, NPR’s Mountain Stage just posted Sturgill’s 16-minute set.

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