Tami Neilson Premiers “Any Fool With A Heart” Ahead of New Album

photo: Sabin Holloway

Tami Neilson is one of the greatest singers on this entire planet, irrespective of genre or geographic region. Those who have never her seen her perform may fancy this notion as a serious infraction of embellishment. Those who have seen her perform will corroborate this and proceed to lump their own embellishments on top. Though country is her primary concern, her talent is so deep and vast, it can’t be held to just one discipline of roots music, and along with earnest sentiments of classic country that evoke memories of Patsy Cline, she can belt out old school soul and rockabilly like a mama this world hasn’t seen since Wanda Jackson in her heyday.

A native Canadian whose family band toured with the likes of Johnny Cash, Tanya Tucker, and Kitty Wells while she was growing up, Neilson now hails from New Zealand, making her the Queen of Country Music in the Southern Hemisphere. Tami Neilson has a new album on the way entitled CHICKABOOM! due out Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2020, and ahead of the release she teases us for what she has in store with a new song called “Any Fool With A Heart.”

You’ll want to scour the internet after hearing this song, incredulously convinced it’s a cover from a by gone era of country. But no, it’s all Tami, with her brother and guitar player Jay Neilson adding those astounding blood harmonies to make this a soul stirring composition. Like Tami Neilson is inclined to do, the new song is accompanied by a live action video, adding to the melodrama of the song and music.

“In addition to writing, recording and performing music, a twisted sense of humor runs deep in my family,” Tami says. “Directed by my brother Todd (ValiantMade) and featuring my brother Jay as my doomed comrade, this 1950s Musical Meets Spaghetti Western series of ways to die was a perfect way to tell a story of heartbreak and unrequited love. We keep going back for more with a big, fat smile on our faces, even though it kills us every damn time.”

Neilson has also released another song and video ahead of CHICKABOOM! called “Bus Driver.” Produced by Neilson and fellow standout New Zealand performer Delaney Davidson, Tami says about the new record, “I wanted to write an album of punchy little songs, popping firecrackers that, when stripped back to nothing but a guitar, percussion and two voices, would still go boom!”

CHICKABOOM! can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp.

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