The Triggerman is On The Move

My heroic dry spell of shows is about to come to an end my friends, because I am hitting the road and bearing down on various ports of call to take in some of the best good ole country music this fine country has to offer! Gas prices? Meh, my plan is to keep the tank full by knocking off every Dairy Queen on my route.

Gimmie all your money and a Butterfinger Blizzard to go, OR THE TEXAS TOAST GETS IT !!!


Wayne The Train HancockWhen I first saw that the somewhat odd, but severely tantalizing combination of Joe Buck and Wayne “The Train” Hancock were touring together, I knew I had to include this in my life. I have never seen Joe Buck solo, only slapping bass for Hank III, and you add the King of Juke Joint Swing and that is one big musical Hunger-Buster I gotta take a bite of!

And to add another wrinkle of intrigue to this night, apparently the venue Wayne Hancock is playing at decided that Joe Buck and his catch phrase “Fuck You Motherfuckers” was too racy, so Joe Buck was forced to find a bar down the street to play at. No worries, because the two places are very close and Wayne is going to wait until Joe is finished playing, but when I called my Colorado peeps and asked them about the Joe Buck bar, they said. “Oh, that’s the ‘Straight After 8’ bar. I said the what? And then they explained.

So yep, long story short, Joe Buck will be playing what passes for a gay bar in the town of Grand Junction, CO.

Where biker’s stare at cowboys, who are laughing at the . . . oh wait. And no, I won’t be touching Dieter’s monkey that night, so save the jokes, but I ain’t missing Joe Buck for anything.


That’s right, after I kick it new school old school, I’m going to kick it old school old school, with one of the original Outlaws, disputably one of the last REAL living Outlaws (I’d put Coe on that list too), in the most legendary Outlaw venue that ever existed: Luckenbach By God Watashin Tecumsech Shotgun Willie TEXAS!!!

There are only a few men you can talk about how there may have never been an Outlaw movement if it wasn’t for them, and Billy Joe Shaver is one of them. Shaver is my favorite Texas songwriter. Sure, Townes Van Zandt might have been the best wordsmith, Ray Wiley Hubbard may be the most wild. But Billy Joe Shaver is the full package if you ask me. He can turn a phrase, is a consummate performer, AND has an ear for music.


Pickahton 2009This event is so big, it will have it’s own article in the future. But in three weeks from now, I will be attending a festival where Dale Watson, Justin Townes Earle, Big Sandy and this Fly-Rite Boys, Hillstomp, Paleface, Samantha Crain, The Hackensaw Boys, and many many others will be playing! If you want to see the full list of performers you can go to

So fasten your seatbelts, because in the coming weeks I should have tons of great audio, interviews, and reviews coming your way.

And for the love of all things good, plot my course and wherever I’m headed, stay off the roads and lock your daughters up. Because the Triggerman is on the move.

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