The Wilder Blue Surprise with Two New Songs

They were previously called Hill Country. Now they’re called The Wilder Blue. But whatever you call them, most folks lending them an ear call them damn good music. They’ve earned many fans since releasing their self-titled album in 2020 from the country, Americana, to the classic rock worlds, including none other than Luke Combs, who apparently first heard about them right here at Saving Country Music of all places, and next thing you know was shouting them out on Twitter.

Consisting of solo artist and songwriter Zane Williams, songwriter and performer Paul Eason, Houston drummer Lyndon Hughes, Austin bassist Sean Rodriguez, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Rogers, The Wilder Blue are a supergroup of sorts that has the latitude to articulate just about whatever style of American music they choose, from classic rock, to bluegrass, to country and folk.

If you loved what you heard from The Wilder Blue the first go-round and are hungry for more, you’re in luck. They just released two new songs, and they pick up right where they left off, which is making music easy to fall in love with no matter your roots music leanings.

“Okie Soldier” features the outfit’s signature harmony vocals behind Zane Williams, and the more rootsy, down home country side of their sound about a solider from Oklahoma enlisting for a 2nd tour. The second song “The Conversation” (no, not the Hank Jr./Waylon tune) showcases the band’s more classic rock predilections, and leaves you with all the good feels like the best of The Eagles.

I don’t know what it is specifically about the chemistry of these guys, and it’s not like Zane Williams and Paul Eason weren’t already well beloved as solo artists before. But it has all come together for The Wilder Blue, and resulted in some great music with all the right vibes, and hopefully there’s much more of it to come.

Speaking of, the new songs come as the band is trying a unique approach to distributing their music. Though you can still find their stuff on major streaming sites or buy it on CD, they have set up something called the Hideout, where fans can pay $5 a month or $50 for the year to help support the band, and get access to dozens of unreleased recordings of demos and worktape stuff, along with the solo albums from Zane Williams and Paul Eason, and other exclusive content. They’re also releasing a new song a month to the format before everyone else gets to listen.

I’m sure eventually there will be a new album from the band released in the conventional manner. But until then, the Hideout is a unique way to support the band and keep them making good music, and an idea you’re likely to see similar versions of from other independent artists and bands more often moving forward.

In the meantime, we’ll all be enjoying these two new songs.

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