Travis Tritt’s Debut Album Is Finally Being Re-Released

If you’re looking for something to satisfy your vintage country music craving, and close approximations from new artists aren’t exactly floating your boat, you will be in luck on April 28th when the first album from Travis Tritt will finally be re-released to streaming services.

Called Proud of the Country, it was originally released in 1987 via the label Copperhill Records. The album gave Travis Tritt the momentum to land a major label deal with Warner Bros. Records where he spent the next decade, but it went mostly out-of-print subsequently, and has never been available on streaming services.

In fact, Copperhill Records really didn’t exist as a legitimate label. It was a one-off name used by the demo recording studio in Tritt’s hometown of Marietta, Georgia to release the album. Only 1,000 original physical copies were ever made, and the record has never been digitally released, though some bootlegs can be found here and there.

The release of the album was facilitated by the company Reservoir acquiring Travis Tritt’s publishing and recorded music catalogs in 2022. The album will be distributed by Reservoir imprint Painted Desert Music, but will carry the original Copperhill label name.

Proud of the Country was produced by Danny Davenport, BillySuit, and Travis Tritt himself, with Tritt writing nine of the 11 tracks by himself. Ahead of the album release, the song “Get A Little Rowdy” has been released to streaming services, and definitely symbolizes the “Put Some Drive In Your Country” attitude that was indicative of early Travis Tritt—solid country, but with a Southern rock energy.

Proud of the Country Track List:

1. “Don’t Put Us Down” (Travis Tritt)
2. “Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” (Travis Tritt, Joey Davenport, Eddie Queen)
3. “Gambler’s Blues” (Travis Tritt)
4. “Sleepless Nights” (Travis Tritt, Danny Davenport)
5. “Proud Of The Country” (Travis Tritt)
6. “Staying Power” (Travis Tritt)
7. “Get A Little Rowdy” (Travis Tritt)
8. “Spend A Little Time” (Travis Tritt)
9. “Before You Said Goodbye” (Travis Tritt)
10. “Dreams” (Travis Tritt)
Bonus Track: “I’m Not Laughing Now” (Travis Tritt)

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