Two Tyler Childers Singles Certified Gold

photo: Brad Coolidge

In yet another sign (or two) that Tyler Childers has been on a tear and may turn out to be the man who turns the tables on mainstream country, two more singles from his breakout album Purgatory released in 2017 have been Certified Gold by the RIAA. The first is one of his signature songs about wild Kentucky life in “Whitehouse Road,” and the other is the tribute to his wife and fellow songwriter Senora May called “Lady May.”

Both singles were officially Certified Gold on November 10th for reaching over 500,000 units in sales, downloads, and streaming equivalents. Just on Spotify alone, “Whitehouse Road” has been streamed nearly 44 million times, and “Lady May” almost 50 million. They join Tyler’s song “Feathered Indians,” which was first Certified Gold in February, and then Certified Platinum on September 15th.

Well over three years after it was released, Purgatory by Tyler Childers continues to be one of the most consistently popular albums in all of country music. This week the album once again ended up in the Top 20 at #15, with another nearly 7,000 albums sold, and songs from the album being streamed 7.8 million times. Soon the album itself is likely to go Gold, with other singles from the album heading towards Gold status as well.

Though country singles going Gold is not always the cause for grand celebration, when it’s done by an artist not supported by mainstream radio, it’s unprecedented, at least it was before 2020 when now multiple singles have broken through that ceiling, signaling a major shift in the power dynamic in country music where independent artists can now compete with their mainstream counterparts in sales and streams. It’s one thing to mint a #1 record on a debut week. It’s another to keep up such consistent sales and streams to earn Gold and Platinum status.

And Tyler Childers is not alone. The Cody Jinks single “Loud and Heavy” from Cody’s 2015 album Adobe Sessions went Gold on March 31st. Then “Hippies and Cowboys” from Cody’s 2010 album Less Wise went Gold on August 5th. Then on September 15th, “Loud and Heavy” went Platinum.

Then on September 18th, not one, but two singles from Texas-based Southern rock band Whiskey Myers were Certified Gold by the RIAA. Their song “Ballad of a Southern Man” off the 2011 album Firewater was certified Gold for reaching over 500,000 units in sales, downloads, and streaming equivalents, as was their song “Stone” from their 2016 album Mud.

No longer are Gold and Platinum records the domain of the mainstream, and we can expect more songs, albums, and artists to hit that status in the coming months and years.

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