Wayne Hancock Jams w/ Brian Setzer (+Tony Locke)

Okay first the bad news.

For those that did not catch wind of this yet, last week there was some drama in Wayne “The Train” Hancock’s band. Long story short, Wayne’s guitarist Izzy Zaidman assaulted his steel player, Tony Locke, and Tony Locke was hurt really bad. Izzy was kicked out of the band, Tony is back home recovering, and the greatness of Eddie Biebel met up with Wayne on the road to cover the leads.

That is all there really is to know.

But unfortunately a bunch of MySpacers and the Austin 360 Blog had to make a big sensationalized story out of it by posting a bunch of he said, he said bullshit, and a rather gruesome picture of Tony Locke after the incident.

Sure, people have a right to know what happened, but everything that happened I just spelled out in a few sentences. In my opinion people should be way more respectful to the parties involved than to run with a bunch of conjecture and back and forths between the parties, and then have the parties need to feel like they have to respond when people get the facts wrong and the whole thing snowballs into a bunch of adolescent dribble.

There’s a dude laid up from being assaulted, and Wayne, who was touting that his new release Viper of Melody featured the same band you would see live, is looking for new band members. This is a tragedy, and respect should be shown to the people involved. Leave the investigating and finger pointing to the po po, and leave all the drama and gossip for pop country and People Magazine.

For those interested, Mike Neer just set up a fund to help pay for Tony Locke’s medical bills and lost wages. You can donate by CLICKING HERE. My cheap, broke ass even threw a few bones in that bucket, so if you got a few bucks, do what you can to help out a great musician who’s down on his luck.

But the Train will roll on !!!

In fact on the 24th, Wayne was caught jamming with none other than the great Brian Setzer in Minneapolis. Check it out:

Man, I would’ve killed to be there.

Great to see Eddie Biebel back with Wayne as well!

Is there anyone with more cred in the world of retro music than Brian Setzer? The man deserves his own wing in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame if you ask me.

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