When Its Not Just About The Music (Nashville Flood)

Every once in a while I will get worked up about something or another on here, and it takes someone sending me a message saying, “Dude, it’s just music, and decaf is your friend,” to get me calmed down. This is a good point, we are just talking about music here. Or are we?

This tragedy in Nashville and the subsequent fallout from the lack of sufficient media coverage has helped a lot of people, including myself, put some things in perspective. We get on here and talk about and fight for REAL music every day, but music is just one small element of the fight for all the things in life that are real. You could take the same themes we work off of every day and use them towards food, construction, architecture, cars, goods, services, whatever, and certainly there are others doing that.

Our fight is music, specifically country music, but this is just one small fight in a larger fight against all the “fake” things consuming our lives from homogenization, the bleeding of regionalism out of culture in favor of efficiency, and the intrusiveness of larger entities into our lives.

Two nights ago when the stories of just how bad the flooding in Nashville was were getting out, I went to CNN.com, and the top story was how the Times Square Attemped Bomber Didn’t Like Sunlight. I went over there as I was writing this and the top story is about how an abandoned truck in New York was not a threat. The next top story is about what your dreams mean. There was no mention of the Nashville flooding in the top tier of stories at all.

Should we be surprised that at fake tragedy about a fake bomb is completely burying the news about a REAL, catastrophic tragedy? I’m not. It’s no different than when these REAL, true country artists, the most talented people of our generation are given no attention by mainstream media, radio, or television in lieu of fake celebrities and fashion plates.

This supposed terrorist guy up in New York? Fuck him. He couldn’t blow up an air mattress. I’ve dropped bigger bombs in my bathroom the morning after a porterhouse dinner. This metrosexual doucher needs to choke on his own Bluetooth. He’s nothing. He tries to blow up New York with a strand of screaming meemee’s, and all of a sudden we have to devote the whole news cycle to it for a week? Please.

We shouldn’t be analyzing how he parted his hair, we should be laughing at him. As sure as your shitting the terrorists are laughing at us. They don’t even have to bomb us now, just park a car with a gas can in it, tie a Hello Kitty alarm clock to a pack of black cats and walla, the infidels ignore 25+ deaths and billions of dollars of damage happening in the Heartland.

We fight over country music because we love country music. But when the media elite passes us all off as hicks in flyover country, we close ranks. There is no Austin vs. Nashville right now, no Texas vs. Tennessee, no Outlaws vs. Pop. We all all country music, and when tragedy strikes, we close ranks.

My heart goes out to ALL of the people effected by the flooding in Nashville and the surrounding areas. And when I say ALL, I mean Toby Keith whose house flooded, Dierks Bentley whose house flooded. Their will be plenty of time to pick on them again when they’re standing up straight, but now they are my brothers. If Times Square had been bombed, New Yorker’s would be my brothers as well.

We have a saying around here, “It’s All About the Music.” But the music is all about our lives. And if we give up one true element of our lives, the others could fall like dominoes. Some would make the case that is exactly what is happening right now. So we fight. For the music. Others fight for their causes. And we all work together towards the day when things will seem right again. True. REAL. Or at least . . . the day when the real things stop losing ground.

So yes, it’s all about the music. But it’s not just about music.

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