Saving Country Music’s Best Videos of 2014

December 19, 2014 - Reviews -- 8 Comments

From crude videos taken on somebody’s phone, to full production videos with scripts and actors and sets, to animated shorts and everything in between, you never know what’s going to capture the imagination and become the perfect compliment to a song in the visual form. what breaks through the crush of visual material to be called the best in 2014?


Equal Time – The Best in Mainstream Country Music in 2014

December 18, 2014 - Reviews -- 53 Comments

Independent music fans love to say “90% of what they play on the radio is crap!” Well then it would stand to reason that 10% actually has some value. And in the interest of pragmatism and inclusiveness that is vital to the charge of Saving Country Music, it is important to not ignore when Music Row and mainstream artists get it right, but to celebrate these moments.


Mo Pitney Reveals Great Promise with “Country” Single

December 17, 2014 - Reviews -- 33 Comments

If you’re looking for names to populate your most anticipated projects to be released in 2015, putting Mo Pitney at or near the top would be a savvy choice. With a one in a million country voice conveyed in a smoothness we haven’t heard since Don Williams, Mo Pitney is a chill-inducing traditional country artist with a succulent pentameter and delivery, and a songwriter’s pen engorged with stories.


The Big Lessons of Sturgill Simpson’s Success

December 17, 2014 - Random Notes -- 28 Comments

The hope of fans of any independent music artist is that they will be able to achieve a sustainable career, and that their music will find wider appeal amongst the listening public. When an independent artist succeeds, it’s important that we pay attention to what lent to that success so hopefully more worthy artists can achieve similar results, and to ask what that success might mean.


Hank Williams Jr. Could Be Next NASH Icon Artist

December 16, 2014 - News -- 26 Comments

It looks like Hank Williams Jr. might be the next signee to the Cumulus Media / Big Machine Label Group joint venture known as NASH Icon meant to give new life to aging artists who’ve been passed over by mainstream country radio. In the midst of Hank’s ACCA performance, he switched over from a cowboy hat to a black hat with gold lettering that simply read “ICON” across the front.


Abysmal Ratings for the American Country Countdown Awards

December 16, 2014 - News -- 25 Comments

Monday night (12-15) was the inaugural airing of what is attempting to be country music’s 4th awards show called the American Country Countdown Awards, or ACCA’s, and the ratings couldn’t have been worse. A big media push prior to the awards couldn’t account for an overcrowded awards show space and a lackluster presentation, and the overnight ratings for the show were abysmal.


Saving Country Music’s ANTI ACCA Awards LIVE Blog

December 15, 2014 - Random Notes -- 93 Comments

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the ANTI “American Country Countdown Awards” LIVE blog. Yes, it’s yet another country music awards show, replacing the three abysmal years of the now defunct “American Country Awards.” As much as all of country music’s awards shows are ridiculous on some level, the ACCA’s add an additional layer of obvious pandering to sponsors…


Hank Williams “I Saw The Light” Biopic Wraps Filming in Shreveport

December 15, 2014 - News -- 3 Comments

The highly-anticipated biopic movie on the life of Hank Williams called I Saw The Light wrapped production in Shreveport, Louisiana on Friday (12-12), and now the film will go to editing and get ready for a planned release of late 2015. Arlene Acree of Film Shreveport Bossier talks about details of the film and the overall impact on Shreveport.


Eric Church’s Huge Inflatable Devil Stirs Controversy

December 15, 2014 - Random Notes -- 78 Comments

Spinal Tap, eat your heart out. On Eric Church’s current arena tour, there’s been a special guest making a surprise appearance at each show—a giant multi-story inflatable devil that blows up and towers over the crowd with shimmering eyes and skin on fire. It is conjured during the rendition of Eric Church’s song “Devil, Devil (Prelude: Prince of Darkness).”


Retirement Be Damned, Ralph Stanley Readies New Album

December 14, 2014 - News -- 13 Comments

It was all doom and gloom and teary-eyed salutations when Dr. Ralph Stanley announced in June of 2013 that he would be embarking on his farewell tour in late 2013 into 2014. Since then Stanley has continued to tour with no signs of slowing down, despite now being 87-years-old. Now Dr. Stanley has a new album in the works.


Album Review – Cody Johnson’s “Cowboy Like Me”

December 13, 2014 - Reviews -- 93 Comments

I’ve received more requests to comment on Cody Johnson’s music in 2014 than any other artist. Meanwhile my status of staying mum on him has caused some to question whether I actually care about country music, others to question the legitimacy of of flying the “Saving Country Music” banner, and still others have come out saying point blank Saving Country Music must be a fraud for not discussing the Texas singer.


Time Jumper & Legendary Vocalist Dawn Sears Dies at 53

December 12, 2014 - News -- 13 Comments

Astounding and acclaimed country music vocalist Dawn Sears, known for being one of the members of the Western Swing outfit The Time Jumpers, a frequent collaborator and backup singer for fellow Time Jumper Vince Gill, and a noted solo artist releasing multiple albums on her own, died of lung Cancer on Thursday, December 11th. She was 53-years-old.


Exodus Stage Left: Country Stars Leaving the Majors

December 12, 2014 - Random Notes -- 10 Comments

The dream of many of the aspiring country music artists moving to Nashville in droves every year is to become a big star signed to a major label. Of course the reality is this dream comes true for so few, and even fewer who actually do get signed attain superstar status. However for some artists, as soon as they get that major label deal, their next goal becomes to get out, or to go independent.

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