Album Review – Bob Wayne’s “Till The Wheels Fall Off”

May 24, 2012 - By Trigger  //  Reviews  //  98 Comments

Over the years I’ve been a big Bob Wayne proponent, and to some folks he’s been a very hard sell. I’ve always counseled to look beyond the persona to the songwriting. With his new album Till The Wheels Fall Off, Bob Wayne frankly makes that task much harder. At the same time, he’s put out his most enjoyable album yet.

Since the beginning, there’s been two sides to Bob Wayne: the introspective songwriter side, and the “Hellbilly” side. In between are his storytelling songs that tend to draw from both worlds. Despite the bandana and salty language, what Bob is doing is not much different than what Johnny Cash did. Johnny didn’t shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die, or take a shot of cocaine before shooting his wife. It was a persona created to tell a story. Bob has maybe modernized some of the language and themes, but country music songs on the sinful life are a staple of the genre.

What he has done as his career has progressed is tip the scales from the more introspective material to the more hellraising material, and this is where he’s left some listeners scratching their heads. With his first few albums, songs like “Blood To Dust,” “27 Years,” and “The Final Walk” made it easy for the music brain to understand Bob, and then enjoy the hellraising songs right along with the crowd who may see a song like “27 Years” as too artsy.

But with Till The Wheels Fall Off, there are very few of those guideposts. Bob’s first album Blood to Dust was weighted in favor of the deep songwriting material. This album is skewed to the “hellbilly” side, giving detractors heavy ammunition to pass off the whole Bob Wayne presentation as a bad bit.  Even some of the songs on Till The Wheels Fall Off that are presented to be deep, like the lead single “Get There When I Get There” is more ambiguous in nature than artistic. There’s little of that stone cold hard reality that tears at your heart like many of his previous offerings.

Does that leave Till The Wheels Fall Off vacuous or non-entertaining? Not at all. Not whatsoever. “Devil’s Son” may be the funnest song Bob Wayne has ever put out. And “Wives Of Three,” though on the surface a shallow and silly song, may be one of his best attempts at songwriting.

Let’s take “Wives of Three” as a case study. The first time I listened to this song, I hated it, saying to myself, “Come on Bob, you’re killing me out here!” Then I understood the genius behind it. This song is more David Allan Coe than David Allan Coe. It evokes a whole range of emotions, from creepiness and weirdness, to humor, to sincerity and true love. Most importantly to the success or failure of a songwriter, Bob is able to transport you to a scene where he’s standing in his childhood home with these three women, presenting them to his mother.

You can visualize the whole thing, his mother’s sense of shock and dismay, yet a creepy sense of pride, Bob’s sense of awkwardness and hope that this lifestyle will be accepted, and these three women that in a 3-minute song, Bob is able to present to where you can visualize them, their faces, their stories and motivations. It’s all bullshit that is totally believable and makes your mind explore the inner depths of morality, family, and love.

The words and persona are what everyone seems to focus on when it comes to Bob, but let none of that distract you from the fact that the instrumentation on this album is par excellence. Andy Gibson, Hank3’s steel guitar player and the engineer on all of Bob’s albums, along with an all-star cast of contributors put together an amazing album of music. From conjuring the spirit of Jerry Reed in “Ain’t No Diesel Trucks In Heaven” to the lonesome teardrop steel sounds in “Hunger In My Soul”, this album is a 10 out of 10 on how Bob’s vision was fleshed out.

Your feelings on Till The Wheels Fall Off are going to be based on taste even more so than on most albums. It is my job as a reviewer to divest personal taste for a more true judgement on the work. Do I personally like the strictly hellraising songs like “All Those One Night Stands” and “Spread My Ashes On The Highway”? No, no I really don’t. But I also recognize the appeal and the wit embedded in the songwriting, and won’t let them repeal my love for a song like “Hunger In My Soul”. But not all music is for everyone, and that’s okay. It is not fair to strictly base taste on calling something bad, and it is not fair to call someone’s tastes bad just because they are different from yours. Bob Wayne seems to drive home the importance of these points more than most.

Where I take some points away from Till The Wheels Fall Off is when measuring it against what I know Bob is capable of. He is capable of writing songs that can change people’s lives. If he changes someone’s life with this album, it may not be for the better. There are also issues with the continuity in his storyline. With some of his previous works, his sobriety is a theme, where in this album, it is the breaking of that sobriety. Is this true in Bob’s real life, or an extension of the persona? Either way it is okay, it’s the ambiguity in how you’re supposed to approach these songs that may be the issue.

Instead of just writing on the road, I think Bob needs to get in better touch with his inner dialogue through solitude, so the guideposts leading listeners to the realization of his songwriting prowess are more present.

But this is not a bad album. It is fun as hell. At times you are laughing out loud at some of the lines. Are we so uptight we can’t enjoy music for the visceral experience? Isn’t it fun to go on a vicarious exploration of the id through music and character? This is what Bob Wayne delivers in Till The Wheels Fall Off; an escape, a good time. Sure maybe we, maybe underground country has grown up from most of this behavior, but isn’t that the theme here, that Bob will never change, that he’s going Till The Wheels Fall Off? And there’s nothing wrong with siting back and watching his ride.

1 1/2 of 2 guns up.

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98 Comments to “Album Review – Bob Wayne’s “Till The Wheels Fall Off””

  • I really want to like Bob Wayne because he seems to appeal to a lot of people but I just can’t get into him. I don’t even think it’s all the hell or drug references which normally would turn me off… I think it’s his voice. I think his songs would be better sung by someone else. I hope that’s not mean to say.

    • I was going to say the exact same thing. For all the schtick, the songs are well put together. And the musicianship is excellent. He has a great bend behind him. But I just can’t get past his voice to enjoy the music. It’s like he is over singing it or something. Reminds me of Sylvester Stallone in Rhinstone. He is an excellent songwriter when he takes it a little more serious. And I wish him all the success he deserves. But he might find more of it writing for other performers. Then maybe he could be a road dog because he loves it. Not just to pay the bills.

      • You said exactly what I was thinking. Song writing is good and the band is great. His voice just doesn’t mesh with the music. But evidently a lot of people dig it so keep doin’ your thing Bob!

      • Hey Great Review man!!! Bob hey it’s your brother. Bro first of alI I miss ya man but it was sure good seeing you at Christmas! Your always on the road entertaning all these folks.Ok… I have to say to the couple of the neg comments here about Bobs voice. People…that’s like telling Kurt Cobain to go clear his throat. Or hey Kurt….dude man I think you need voice lessons bro. Hey excuse me…Bryan Adams ummm….I think your great but your just a little too raspy when you sing Sir, Yo Bruce Springsteen dude your vains are popping out of your kneck man..take it easy buddy….your trying to hard to entertain us….Ok do u know how dumb that sounds? Bob isn’t sitting in studios all day perfecting his vocals, sippin on warm tea with lemons, getting daily swedish massages with the happy ending, he is out performing playing shows year around. So when he finally gets a tiny break from touring almost every night…. he goes straight to that studio and works on these new songs that he wrote on the road while on tour that year. My brother is a machine. He does not slow down this (music) is his addiction, he quit Heroin and drinking and whatever else he was doing, all for this, for the music he loves. The other crap was going to kill him… The one addiction that wouldn’t kill him was music. Even though I wish he would take a year off because I beg to differ, I think that WILL be the death of him…. but at least he will die doing what he loves….Bro take a break man for God sakes lol come home boy come home =) but ya know folks…thats not Bob Wayne. Bob is an entertainer, and yes he really is an OUTLAW (he is not on tour he is just on the run ha ha) and who cares if he really is or isn’t. I’m the one who should be getting interviewed about Bob Wayne he is my brother and I know all the crap he has done…..Hell I’ll talk for some of that $$$$$$ ha ha lol just kidding bro all your secrets are safe with me.. Anyways, Bob send me a clean version too….ha ha… Hey listen….and to the dude that says my brother needed help tuning the guitar and then you sent your link for proof…that stuff happens all the time in live performances no matter who you are ?????? If you were a musician then maybe you would know & not be complaining about it in this blog. Ok so yes I had to defend my brother on a few of these negs. Bobs music is revolving and I am sure he a lot more strories to write about through the years.I wish you all well even the negative people…God Bless oh and Bob shoot me a call I have a question about what you want me to do with all these arrest warrant letters they been sending to my house…..Your brother AW

    • I agree. I couldn’t really get into his other work because it just sounded like he was trying way too hard to sound like a hick. If you haven’t already, I’d say listen to this new one. It sounds like he’s gotten more comfortable with his own voice.There’s definitely a few songs where he’s still overselling it, but as a whole it never stopped me from enjoying a great album.

  • I liked it alot i think we need to appreciate artist’s personalities i think maybe some of it is too shock you into wanting more but hell it works im am very pleased with this record thanks bob

  • The drug and hell references don’t bother me at all either. It is the over use of “fuck” and “fucker” and “I’m the motherfucker”. That isn’t salty language, that is 8th grade language.

    I read song titles of Bob’s and get excited, then I hear the song….

    I agree with the comparisons Trigger made to Cash in that Cash never shot a man in Reno. So I get you don’t have do every single thing you sing about. But Bob would say “I shot that motherfucker down to watch him fucking die. Then ran from the fucking cops, cause fuck them too.”

    I also find it interesting that most of his fans, and Trigger here, points out that a lot of Bob’s music is a “persona”. I get that, again you can’t live everything you write about, no one does (except maybe Hank Sr. did), but a lot of undergrounders get on other artists for not “living what they write” when Bob apparently admits to it and is given praise or at the least a pass for it. Examples:
    Lukas Nelson smokes pot and sings about it…then he is ripped for singing about pot to much.
    Jamey Johnson isn’t poor so how can he sing about poor mans blues?
    Kellie Pickler is a pretty big boobed blonde, so what does she know about country?
    Kid Rock is a white trash loser, why is he taking his place as Hank Jr’s rebel son?

    I don’t want Bob to go overdose and die, I just wish he would cut out the needless F’in hiemers. “Til The Wheels Fall Off” is a good tune….until you have it cranked up and “MOTHERFUCKER” comes spewing out. I know Bob doesn’t care what I nor anyone think, so this isn’t really at Bob, but more at those fans trying to figure out who they are against.

    I think Bob maybe caught in that tough spot of wanting to be what maybe he can’t be because what he really wants to be is very unhealthy and distructive, and from what I have heard in his music, expressing that well hasn’t come through yet.

  • While there are some songs on this album I didn’t enjoy, overall I enjoyed it. I have all of Bob’s albums and I find with me, it’s either hit or miss on a individual song basis. Either I love the tune or I dont. And I especially love when Bob gets “deeper” in his songs. Tunes like “Blood To Dust”, “2012”, “Workin’ Man”, but for me nothing tops “Final Walk”

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on this album! Bob is great!

  • So, the same blogger that wrote this: “Last False Hope”, who has such uplifting songs as “Giving Up God For Lent”, and whose LP “Methlehem” will be released later this year. And no, it’s not a bit. Their angle is to insult people of faith.” also, now writes this?: “But not all music is for everyone, and that’s okay. It is not fair to strictly base taste on calling something bad, and it is not fair to call someone’s tastes bad just because they are different from yours. Bob Wayne seems to drive home the importance of these points more than most.”

    • Oh jeez Hector, you really got me there, by taking one statement completely out of context from a rant, and putting it next to a statement completely out of context in an album review.

      I stand 100% behind both statements. Even out of context and shoved up against each other incongruently. The point I was making about Last False Hope is that they are purposely trying to insult people. If I felt like Bob Wayne was doing that here, I would have made a similar point. The second point I was making has to do with taste vs. artistic criticism. I was not talking about Last False Hope in the context of criticism so this second statement doesn’t apply. The reason I made that second statement was to attempt to take some of the polarization out of the argument about Bob Wayne’s music that has been present leading up to this release. Reading many of the comments, I feel glad that I accomplished this at least in part up to this point. And now you come to interject polarization about something that is in the past, few people know about, even less care about, and nobody wants to see.

      The only time you’ve ever come here Hector is to talk about Last False Hope, Outlaw Radio, or Jashie P. You have no context of what I’m trying to do on this website man. You’re not ready for Saving Country Music, and that is okay. But do me and Jashie P a favor, and don’t come on my website and attempt to start shit. The problem is not Jashie, the problem is not me, it’s people like YOU, and people like you who attempt to interject yourself into a situation you have very little knowledge of to attempt to earn scene points.

      You want a quote on Last False Hope? Here it is:

      Last False Hope sucks. It is a fucking abomination. It is an absolute embarrassment of underground country, and one of the exact reasons underground country is dying. It is a local band who has no business attempting to take attention from the nationally-touring, professional bands trying to make a living playing music. It stereotypes other underground country bands in a negative light with it’s bad screamo anti-Christian, offensive “punk gone country” pick up string instruments and play them like your a punk band bullshit. I personally am embarrassed, and take full responsibility that I did not come out vehemently against Last False Hope from the beginning, and that I ever hinted or inferred or outright stated that there was any bit of redeeming qualities to their music, because in truth there is none. Nothing. At All. Last False is the worst band I have ever heard in underground country. Period.


      Now, go take that and spread it all over Facebook with a bunch of lies about how I called a private investigator on Zach Shedd or insulted Jashie’s dead mother-in-law, or that I can’t say Jashie’s name, or he can’t say mine because of some made up legal story to make Jashie look like a martyr, and that I have no right to criticize music because I’m not a musician. DO IT! But I’m done man because I’m not trying to instill myself with self importance by trying to create scene drama. You should have never let Jashie put you up to this. Tell Jashie to stay the hell off of my website, and quit letting him use you as his puppet.

      Shew fly!

      • You have quite a reckoning coming to you Mr. Kyle. You are unable to save anything. Not until you actually are proactive in creating a solution to actually Save country music. Not by beating down what is the current mainstream as well as underground artists as well. While I and all of us appreciate your love and coverage of new and up and coming roots and country artists, what you have actually created is a SMALL audience of folks to play with while you put an incredible self importance upon yourself and your role in all of this. Sorry but if ANYONE is going to SAVE country music it is not going to be a lonely blogger somewhere hacking away at other artists. Sorry, to say you are trying to SAVE COUNTRY MUSIC IS putting that grandiose self importance upon yourself. As I watch artists one by one become disillusioned by your work, I realize that all you are is a distraction. You should change your site to do what you do best, cover new artists, leave the REAL history of country music to the pros.

        If you wanna come back at me on this one and give me some long high and mighty answer about what a fighter (“culture warrior” hahaha) you are, go ahead, but please do it and answer the following questions for me:

        What is your favorite Willie Nelson album?
        What is your favorite Waylon Jennings album?
        Can you name the album that really changed the mainstream in country music in the early 60’s and opened up the Nashville sound?
        Can you name the record that really solidified the new wave of “Outlaws” in country music?
        Can you name more than 1 Bobby Bare album?
        What is your favorite Chet Atkins piece?
        Do you know the history of Chet Atkins and how he got into the position he was in?
        Can you name any song written by Harlan Howard that wasn’t a top 40 hit?
        Do you know who were the members of Buck Owen’s band?
        Can you tell me the origins of Merle Haggard, and why the Bakersfield sound was so explosive?
        Can you give me a history on the early musicians in Nashville, as well as the LA sound and how it affected country music in the late 70’s?
        Can you name one Jimmie Rodgers song?
        Have you ever been to the Grand Ole Opry for a performance?
        Have you ever met any of the old greats and picked their brain about what the world of country was like back then?
        What’s your favorite George Jones song?
        Have you ever SEEN a record contract or known anyone who has had one closely enough to know the ins and outs?

        No wiki/google please (which i’m sure you’re already doing).

        Until I, and us true country music history fans, can really believe that you are educated enough on the roots of country music and not just the new underground wave (or the stuff Hank III talks about), I really don’t believe you are even capable of making a dent in the progress of country music.

        I hate pop country as much as the next guy, but I gotta say, you are not saving anything. You are helping some artists out which is really awesome, but you can’t ever do it without interjecting yourself into the picture which is really small of you. But either way, I am not here to tell you you suck, I’m here to see if you actually know enough about Country music to save it. I’d like to see you write some articles about why you like old country music, about who you like. Seems like your vocabulary is only made up of Pop country artists and Underground country artists which leaves ALOT of ground in which you are not educated. Just alone the importance you’ve put on Scott B. from Big Machine shows you really don’t know what’s going on in this town, because if you did you’d know who was behind him. But that’s fine too.

        Anyways, good luck, i’m sure you’re gonna school me and continue to SAVE COUNTRY MUSIC big guy! But being the Perez Hilton of country music doesn’t mean that you are any less of a hollywood drama queen than him, even though your focus seems to be on Nashville more.


          You really should have done a little more elementary research beyond the About and Home pages before writing this bunk. If you want to revel in the conceit I know nothing about the history of country music, why should I interrupt your fantasy?

          And as I’ve said many times, I don’t care what you, artists, or anybody thinks about me or what I do. I just do my thing. Let history judge it.

          • The man can’t answer it, but will joke all night. I gave you the time of day man, but you have nothing on a lot of us.

        • So if I never met one of the greats I don’t know anything about country music? Sounds kinda lame to me. I’ve never been to the Opry and probably never will, so certainly I can’t like country music. I tell you one thing though….this is about Bob Wayne and his great music…not about a petty fight. Give Bob some respect and keep it to this new, awesome album. I love you Bob!

        • thanks for the flashback to middle school…

          “Dude, you’re wearing an iron maiden shirt… what’s your favorite song? What’s the fourth song on their last album?”

  • Saw him live and then it was confirmed on youtube, the guy can’t play in tune! Lead violin player had to tune Bob’s guitar mid song. Nasty thing to see and hear. Over rated song writer, not a singer, not a musician. Again, mediocraty celebrated as some sort of outlaw country experience. I am sure he was in a punk scene before which is fine but if you put a label of country on your act be ready to deliver the goods because country musicians usually are some of the best, seasoned players of any genre and the listening audience is aware of this. Oh, tried to buy Bob a shot after listening to 90 minutes of how much Whiskey he drank and how fucked up he was and was told he don’t drink???? I get it if you used up all your tickets but really?? I like my Outlaw singers a bit more on the authentic side, just sayin’!!

    • @fluffbucket…. Your an idiot hahah… My fiddle player has NEVER tuned my guitar…. I have a fucking tuner for that. “90 minutes of how much whiskey I drank” is straight up bullshit as well. In fact everynight I sing the song blood to dust Wich talks about being sober. And the reason for my sobriety is a ten year drug and alcohaul addiction Wich damn near killed me and put me in jail for just under two years so you can fuck off. I drink what I want when I want. And sing what i want when i want. Why the fuck would you go to buy a shot for someone who sucks as bad as I do anyways!? “wow this is the worst show I’ve ever seen… I’m gonna go buy him a shot”… Doesn’t make sense. …oh and as far you “liking my outlaw singers more authentic” I like my fans without pussy names like “fluffbucket” so there you go! Good riddance!! ;)

      @icecold “bob doesn’t care what I think” that’s not true man or I wouldn’t be reading this stuff. (Wich I probly shouldn’t be as it just pisses me off most of the time lol) and I can respect that. To be honest man I had just spent over 1 year straight on the road playing 312 shows in seedy bars in 17 different countries, and I barely remember recording this album, it’s all kind of a blur, I cuss alot in my day to day live so I think it just shines through in my lyrics …. Wich I should probly look at. I noticed I say “well” alot before each verse starts out. I think before I record the next album I will take some time to decompress from all this FUCKING touring haha! “the wheels fall off this mother fucker line I couldn’t change though as it came from the mouth of this old man and it just struck a chord with me…if I said till the wheels fall of this “mother trucker” it wouldn’t flow right. Also keep in mind I’m looking at the fans that come to our shows and the bars we are playing everynight, I can read a crowd pretty good… The people at our shows supporting us LOVE these songs!! Ik iw because they are screaming them at me ALL THE TIIME…. It’s very rare someone tells out to here the songs like “final walk” or slower ones. So I’m sure that’s effected me in some way. I love all of it do I’m cool either way, but I definately will try to watch the cussing, I’m trying to anyways as its rude to be sitting at a resteraunt and dropping the f bomb in public places, it’s a habit I’m working on.

      @triggerman thanks for the support and the review man! I don’t know how you deal with all these people wanting to review the albums themselves under your review!! Seems like some of these people need to start their own damn review sites.

      • Sorry for all the typos… I’m doing this from my phone, actually on a huge tour right now of 59 shows in 63 days overseas.

        • so fluffbucket: you stopped to listen to johnny cash when quit the drugs and alcohol? or wasn’t he just not allowed to sing his old songs with drug or alcohol references anymore to satisfy you?
          a song is like a photo, something like a contemporary witness. doesn’t matter if the truth is hidden somewhere in a story or if it jumps right in your face.

          • Sorry man, never liked to johnny cash!! Whats the problem? What is your point???

      • I will give credit where credit is due and Bob, you are 100 percent right. Your fiddle player did not tune your guitar, It was your guitar player. If I were you though I would fire your “tuning person”! Not hatin’ man just callin’ it as I see it! Never said it was the worst show I ever saw by any means! I was actually very entertained!! , You jumped ahead damn you!! I will buy anybody a shot who plays ninety minutes in front of 10 folks. I get it, life on the road!!! You should be proud to have been in prison, hell yeah!!!! You rock!! I mean it!!

      • Thanks Bob… I’ve seen you a bunch of times.. and you’re always super down to Earth and put on one heck-uva show. I think all these people just haven’t seen you live with complaints about nasal-ly singing or whatever nitpicky nonsense they can conjure up. Keep on rollin’ for those of us that appreciate what you can do and disregard those who don’t! You’re one of the best… can’t wait to see ya again and hear some of the new stuff live at Muddy Roots and the next time you come through Roanoke, VA!!! Also… if Miss Liz Sloan wants to tune your guitar for ya or whatever help you might need… that’s just fine with us fans… the “whole damn band” is great and always a joy to watch the various players!!!

      • mr.bob don’t change a motherfuckin’ thing for the trolls on this sight … they’re the reason no one reads this blog anymore… they have nothing else to do except start arguments and cut down musicians that they just don’t understand… fuck em and feed em fish heads brother… we’ll see ya on the road man…

        • Hey, I don’t see any reason to throw “this blog” under the bus when it’s been a big supporter and promoter of Bob Wayne over the years, including with this article. It’s funny how 2000 more people a day come here now than back when everybody did read it. There have been comments deleted from this thread, but it is always a difficult balance between keeping comment sections civil, and censorship. I firmly believe everybody has a right to an opinion and should have a platform to voice it. If you don’t feed the trolls, they don’ t come around. If you are commonly offended by the comments left here, don’t read them. I apologize if something you read here either offended you or made you angry, but I am doing the best I can to maintain this site. Nowhere will you ever find me say either I, or this site is perfect.

  • Bob’s friendly and has a great live show. Love his raw vocals too. Better than being too polished, in my opinion.

  • fuck, he says fuck a lot. interesting stuff but i’m on the fence here. maybe it’s the vocals or maybe not. a tough sell.

  • You say “raw” I say out of tune. No substance. He is more of a talker than a singer, Not hard to hear the difference. Really sad and uninformed when he gets compared him to DAC. Right away it shows the difference between a seasoned and professional music journalist and a “Blogist” First of all D.A.C is a musician by all accounts of the word. He knows chords and theory and how to write a song in the flavour of the lyrics hence all the songs he has written for other people. Secondly the man is a SINGER. He sings, he has a voice that has been conditiond and rehearsed to actually SING. As far as “outlaw”. Well if there has to be one, DAC is one. Honest, real to life song lyrics based on his reality not fantasy projected in the mirror to make an audience “believe” he is an actual outlaw and then dressing the part to try to be cool or whatever. Sorry, B.W. has a limited shelf life cause it ain’t real!! Nice guy though for sure!

    • Nobody can touch DAC dude. He’s the king… And I’m not a “nice guy” I’m actually a fucking prick. Like I said before…. Good riddance! And damn dude, talking shit about the difference between a journalist and a blog gist??? What is that shit?? What are you like a fucking teacher or some shit?

      • And you obviously don’t listen to the same songs by DAC that I do. “honest real to life song lyrics based on his reality” so your telling me DAC killed a women in TN then broke out of jail …. I think alot of his songs a true man… But I think he is also a story teller and ….you know what… Why am I wasting my time talking to someone who obviously has NO CLUE!! Later… I’m going to get back in the van and drive 700 miles to the next show while you sit at your computer judge us all! Have fun with that! What a miserable life… Later!

        • DAC obviously didn’t live every story he sang. no one does that. as a storyteller (what all good musicans should be) you also have to listen to people and sing their stories or even write stories which just entertain people.
          a musician is an entertainer and that’s what bob does every night. he’ll be here at our town for 6. show in june and he’s still entertaining all the people.

          and that out of tune singing: yeah things like that happen on a stage. one monitor not loud enough and you don’t know where to go with your voice.
          the guitar tuned by liz because bob doesn’t know how to do that??? perhaps there was another reason for what you saw, but your story you can tell your grandma…

        • P.s. I DID ESCAPE FROM JAIL AND I HAVE THE FELONY TO PROVE IT… I just haven’t wrote a song about it yet…. Hmm… Think I’ll go do that right now… Thanks!(I was 19 and I was in for 30 days on my 6th M.I.P charge and they let us outside to pick up cigarette butts in the parking lot to work off some of our fines… And I started getting further and further away and then BAM next thing I know I’m running like I haven’t run before!!! I know its not ghe most glamerouse jailbreak but it IS a jailbreak!!I got caught a couple weeks later playing a party with my old metal band and the judge wasn’t to happy with me. I was a stupid kid I know…. But it makes for a good story… A REAL STORY… That’s just the tip of the iceberg…. Tell you what ….. Come hang out at muddy roots… I’ll be in front of my camper pickin banjo and tellin stories all weekend!

      • A teacher? No finer profession!! Not me though. Just a dude replying to a post, just like you!!!

    • Two quick points: 1) Knowing your musical theory does not mean you make good music. If this were true, Andrew Llyoyd Webber Grille would produce more interesting music than Keith Richards or the Ramones. He does not, no matter what a million Cats fans keep trying to tell me. There are ample great musicians who can’t even read music, and plenty of crappy ones who can. 2) Music criticism does not need a gross amount of musical knowledge either, just a convincing and solid worldview and a nice dose of passion. Bob Christgau comes to mind. The Triggerman has some potential, I think. I personally blame him for the 357 String Band CD I’m playing right now, it’s his fault I bought it. That alone makes reading his writing worthwhile.

      Boy, this Wayne guy sure stirs up a shitstorm. Not convinced what he does will appeal to me (DAC never did as much for me as say, early Moe Bandy) but it sure is entertaining reading. Keep the crap flying, and I’ll nip out of the bog now and again to watch.

    • I never compared Bob Wayne to David Allan Coe. I compared one song to David Allan Coe’s style from a certain era, and I stand behind that statement 100%. I could say this is a mark of an unseasoned reader, but I know you just about as much as you know me, so that wouldn’t be a fair judgement to pass. I’ve been a “professional” freelance journalist for years, but you’ll never see me assert that makes my opinion more valid than anyone elses.

      • I never said that you compared D.A.C. to B.W. Did I? True I don’t know you and you don’t know me but you are writing in the public forum and hoping people read your writing. I am not! I am only re-acting. It seems like all the “opinion” haters hang out on this site! Assumptions are a bitch!!

      • I remember you said if an artist or band has the word “outlaw” in a song or record title or the name of a band you will pass it by? Maybe I was high? I am not criticizing your ability to write at all. It is obvious you have writing skills. My point is that it seems that you write about music from an amateur point of view as far as music goes. In other words you don’t seem to know alot about actual “Music” ie:; Sure you know what you hear and what you like based on whatever knowledge you have acquired but I wonder if you would notice that a guitar is out of tune or that a singer has no rythm etc…. For me these things are still VERY valid and important things, especially now days in a world of shit formulated pop! I am not talking “polished, just basic shit!! I don’t know what your “professional” writing field is but I am guessing it is not Music. Am I right? Just curious!

        • I probably did say something about Outlaws along those lines. Actually I think I likened the term to a dog with severe arthritis and a tumor the size of a grapefruit in its throat that needed to be taken behind the barn and shot. Obviously that was more sarcasm than principle. I have written for “Outlaw” magazine and count most of country’s true Outlaws as my favorite artists. It was more of the fake Outlaws I was talking about, and I think Bob uses it more for the legal term that the country music connotations it brings. In the end labeling is just that, and we should divest it from the music if possible.

          As far as being an amateur, I am going to address this at length at some point in the future, because it comes up often, and it’s kind of a popular thing in some circles right now to invalidate my opinions because I am not a musician, or even that I have never done anything creative (as some have assumed); an assumption I’m not sure where people draw from. I believe everybody has a right to criticize music, and everybody’s opinions can have validity, even people who know nothing about music technically. They’re opinions might be the most valid. The truth is I am a musician, and have been a professional musician, meaning out on tour, playing in front of crowds. The problem is I see it as unethical to use this platform to promote that. I could sit and talk about 1-4-5, chord progressions, tension and resolution, and sometimes I actually do, but this is going to be over 90% of people’s heads. Maybe not yours, but I want to write reviews that are accessible and that people enjoy reading. If I was writing articles for musicians, it may be different. Sometimes I do write for musicians, and I do talk in more technical terms.

          I agree I hear some slightly out-of-tune stuff at times in Bob’s vocals, but I’m not sure why you’ve decided the tuning warpath is the one to fight Bob on. He did get his start being the guitar tech for Hank3. Some people’s ears are more sensitive to tuning issues than others. There are plenty of reasons to not like Bob’s music: the foul language, the persona if its not your thing. Tuning seems strange. He’s not a ballad singer. Close is good enough when you’re singing about snorting coke of a hooker’s ass. :) At least that’s my opinion, invalid or not.

          • I respect that you spend a fare amount of time promoting the genre, rally do! I guess it wood be the same for you (maybe) reading an article in a much followed publication, blog or otherwisze and seeing all the Basic flaws in some bodiies writing skells like The paragraph I just wrote. What is a seasoned reader? I mean basics are basics and my opinion is that Bob Wayne is a bit of an actor minus certain tools and do not warrant alot of praise. As far as “ethics” go my argument gets even stronger if this word is in play! A tuning issue is VERY important I believe and the more that musicality is dealt with from a journalistic point of view, all the better for the reader! Its not only a musician thing, its a listener thing. A little education never hurt nobody!!! Keep on doiing what you do!!!!

          • By the way, I am not an the war path with anyone. If an opinion is not shared by everyone how is that the path of war. Its only the responses that make it nasty! You understand that surely? Like you I defend my position 100 percent and in this case I am right.

          • Wow Fluffbucket.. you sure have a lot of time on your hands… get a girlfriend or something…

          • thank you for not talking about “1-4-5, chord progressions, tension and resolution”

    • Someone’s musical (especially vocal) performance should reflect who they are and the things they’ve seen and been through. I’ve read some backstory on Bob Wayne and I’ll bet he’s seen a few more dark corners than you think.

    • Well I’m not cheating on my boyfriend (I like this one) but I sing about it anyway (that’s country music for you…). You can say that makes me a fake but you don’t know anything about me. Experiences- past, present, dreamed, or imagined- are what color ALL songs written by ALL songwriters. A few comments up, Bob revealed personal information about his addictions and prison and you can talk shit and invalidate the very real experiences of folks you don’t know- folks who have been through hell and who are working hard and putting themselves out there and sacrificing their health, sanity, etc for fans- but that doesn’t make you look very good. It’s okay if you don’t like the music, but you don’t need to attack his person. Everybody has a story and just cause you don’t know it, or aren’t willing to listen to it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  • I wish the band would find a new lead singer/songwriter…….

    • Then step up to the plate, Buckaroo.

  • Fuck these guys B.W. Like you said, YOU know what WE are shouting for in the crowd, not some fuckwit spouting bullshit from a keyboard. I personally don’t want to hear the same CD over and over again with different cover art. To even bitch about foul language is a fucking joke too…Christ are you serious? Maybe you SHOULD be sheltered back in an 8th grade classroom, comforted by the watchful eye of an overpaid liberal twit. Screw sending out those scrubbed versions B.W. They should ONLY be heard as intended. Screw the reviews, screw the haters, and SCREW accountability in literal vs. figurative lyrics. Do what you do man…we’ll show up. The rest can listen to the fucking radio.

    • That’s a big 10 4!!! I’m gonna get back to this highway now…… Over and out!!

  • This one sold me. I am officially a Bob Wayne fan. There’s not a bad song on here. Like I said up top, I really couldn’t get into Bobs voice at first. It sounded like he was trying too hard to sound like white trash. Maybe it was just me getting used to it, but it really sounds like he relaxed on the vocals a little more. The whole thing just sounds way more natural. I really don’t mind that Bob says “fuck” alot. Hell, I say “fuck” all the fuckin time. Call me immature, but all the foul language and devil references are actually a plus for me. If you want to say fuck then say it. I don’t want to hear some watered down radio edit shit. If you get turned off by stuff like that, I’m not really sure why you would pick up a Bob Wayne album in the first place. After the first two spins, my favorite tracks are “All My Friends”, “Get there when I get there”, “Pistol and a 100 Dollar Bill”, and my very favorite, “Lyza”(I can’t stop listening to that one.) This is the most fun I’ve had listening to an album in a very long time. Bob, if you’re still reading through here, thanks for all the great new tunes. I hope you keep doing what you’re doing for a very long time.

  • Bob Wayne is a hell of a songwriter and performer. But I will say that, for me at least, it usually takes a few listens to really appreciate the songs. I got to tell all the naysayers to give the album some time. You’ll be cranking it before too long.

  • I once watched Bob Wayne stab a man just to watch him die.

  • There is a disconnect for me. It’s like a lead vocalist for a punk band walked into a honky tonk and got on stage to sing a few. Oil and water.

  • I think Trig has nailed the pluses and minuses of Bob’s music dead on. I don’t like his music myself but I totally get what he’s doing from a artistic persona perspective. What I do find admirable is that he does care enough about his music to take part in the dialog going on here about his music. Dispelling myths from fact. Admitting short comings. And to no small extent rolling around in the mud with the mudslingers. How many music sites can you visit where the actual performers join in the commentary? I can’t think of any but I haven’t been everywhere man…

  • […] agree with Trig about “Wives of Three” It will take you on a journey. Just because it’s outside of what’s acceptable, doesn’t […]

  • All I have to say is that’s the finest piece of album cover art I’ve ever seen.

  • Thanks for the review!

    I had said it on here before that I caught one of Bob’s first shows in Flint, MI in September of 2006. III put him on stage to open as Psyopus wasn’t able to be there for whatever reason. That night he got up on stage and put on a great show. At this time he was III’s guitar tech and the next thing I know he decides to start touring and I catch him again in Hamtramck with a small crowd and again puts on a great show. What I am getting at here is I have to respect the man for where he has come. He tours more than anyone I know and he has done a heck of a job building his fan base through the last number of years. Done through constant touring and paying his dues. I could do without some of the hellbilly stuff but that is easy to look past. He can write a great song and tour like many wish they could. I hope he keeps doing what he does.. respects..

  • Bob, I’ve been to one of the Italian gigs in Fidenza,and I can tell everybody you are a generous musician and you deserve all the respect your fans can give you. In that night last saturday we were not much people but really appreciate your show and the heart and soul you put in it. Next morning we left the hotel, the same you sleeped in, and saw the green van with a dutch plate, full of all that band stuff…really the highway is your place…no millions dollars shows…no roadies..only music and passion. That what i say to those who stand up and point the finger.

  • I saw Bob open for Hank III a few years ago. I’ve been a fan ever since. I love every song on every album. I just bought this album, but haven’t had a chance to listen to it. I’m hoping it will be great just like the others. The only negative I have is that since he signed with a record label the sounds just hasn’t been classic Bob Wayne. A little to slick and over produced, but I can live with it.

    And that bastard needs to come back to Bakersfield. I don’t think he’s been here since they toured with Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers.

    • you’ll like the sound of the new cd. it’s what the first 3 cd’s wanted to sound like.

      • You’re right. Pretty aweseom.

  • It’s always a question of taste, for me Bob is one of the kind of Innovators Country has needed, like his pal Hank 3 and others.
    TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF is the next good step Bob has taken, it’s a class of it’s own and hits directly into my guts, hell yeah !
    I content there’s not much place up to the ceiling, hope y’all know what I mean.
    His songs are tough, humorous and have attitude, he’s got that kinda dirt under his fingernails you need to become a big one, and that’s sumpin’ you can’t learn no matter how hard you try. I love his last two albums, they are more to me than a lot of all those rubbish bullshit that comes from the U.S. of A. which calls itself country, it’s more like that awful Volksmusik Terror that tortures one’s ears.
    He shoulda take that goddamn drummer along on his tour ’cause this devil driver makes a helluva speed, that’s the only wish I have.

    • I finally got the drummer in tour!! It’s great!

  • All of this bickering makes me want to check out Bob Wayne. I love his duet with Hank 3 on Damn Right Rebel Proud. That song speaks to me. I hope I find more like it.

  • When someone is going balls out living the life they want to live, there will always be a handful of squares who want to pick him apart. Whether it is a matter of jealousy or some other pimple faced insecurity, the assholes will always get their insignificant word in. It is sort of sad to see them mucking up this review thread though!

  • Good review, Triggerman, I wouldn’t go for the full 2 guns up myself, at least not on first listen, but it’s creeping up. Got my copy the day it got released in Europe, end of april, and it still not starts to wear off. You know what you’re gonna get when you got even just one of his previous cds, and you just hope there’s another Blood to dust. But not for the sake of it, it’s got to be real. So I just enjoy what he serves up, because of the music. This is the kind of sound that makes me love country, and there is just something dynamic in the way these musicians are playing here, it makes you want to be there. And I’ll be there, next chance.
    It’s interesting to watch a carreer from as near as the beginning as you can get over here. And I was surprised that this new cd came pretty soon after his label-debut. Many artists take longer time inbetween. So for me it’s an almost 2guns up for Bob for coming up with a bunch of very entertaining songs, soundingvery much like live on stage.
    And definitely 2 guns up for his posts above.

    • I feel it is a sign of respect to independent artists to write as honest of reviews as I can, and find things to be critical about, just as bigger artists get from bigger publications. Writing honest, critical reviews conveys to people this is not just some fan zine. I am not trying to earn scene point or make friends by solely talking about artists in a positive context. Sometimes I can’t help but be positive, and positive only. I knew this was going to be a contentious review, and so I was extra vigilant, extra critical with it, to be fair to both sides of the perspective on Bob. In the end I think the positives outweigh the negatives with this album, and that is why I graded it as such: not perfect, but certainly recommended for checking out. And hopefully by showing that I am willing to be critical, that people will believe me when I am saying I’m being honest about my feelings despite personal tastes, friendships, or affiliations.

  • I absolutely love this album and Bob is a great guy too. There’s a whole bunch of us waiting for him to get back to the States so he can play Springfield, Mo, again. Nice review too, Trig.

  • Great fair review. I wanted to hate him because his shtick isn’t my chosen shtick (and the fact that he got popular with the “carnies” name before we did :)), but I had to admit the man’s a hell of a performer and he deserves respect. Plus any friend of Heinrich’s is a friend of mine.

    There are too many jealous, over-critical loud mouths in the world. They act like musicians who are doing anything the least bit different than what they want to see or hear had personally insulted them or something. You don’t have to like what you don’t like, but damn. Start your own band and put your heart and soul on the chopping block if you have the balls. If you do have your own band, and you want to dog other musicians this bad, if you ask me it’s probably because your music is just not very entertaining, and you’re crying foul instead of stepping up your game.

    • You guys are way more “carnie” then us lol! We saw you at muddy roots and loved it. Thanks for the support. And you took the damn words right out of my mouth. The funny thing is its mostly the same people every damn time talkin shit on here… At first I was getting really really frustrated… Then I went and played to a packed house all drunk as hell screaming “fuck the law” and dancing around and realized… Fuck these few judgers on this site.. The REAL fans of music aren’t on Internet blogs talking shit about bands they hate every chance they get.. The REaL fans if music are spending their energy going out from behind their computer screen to support the music they love.

        • And I’ve got videos just like this from 17 different country’s around the world all saying “fuck the law” in their own language, I’m making a compilation for the DVD!! Oh you haters are going to SUPER HATE our DVD of all the shit we do on the road hahaha

      • Amen, brother! Weighed against the crowds of people who come up to you and thank you with big smiles on their faces for having the balls to get up there in front of them and do what you do, a few critical comments from people who don’t even have the balls to use their real identities on a blog come up pretty short.

        We should have a carnie tug-of-war between our two bands at Muddy Roots if we ever get invited back. Settle this thing once and for all.

        • We HAVE to have a Carnie Tug of war lol!! I have an entire albumn/screenPlay I’m working on with a bunch of duettes called FAiRGROuNd in the sky. It’s a concept album all about this fucked up couple who sold their soul to the Carnival and it ends with a double suicide. I think a cameo by you would be killer!

      • Clarification above as I just got a text from a friend who read that and was worried I was back on the bottle… Lol …. I wasn’t drunk as hell dancing around screaming fuck the law… The fans were!! I posted a clip

    • The Black Jake & The Carnies set and the light-up, sparking banjo is still one of my biggest highlights of Muddy Roots 2011.

      I remember standing beside Bob Wayne right before y’all started playing and him leaning over to me and saying, “Had to check them out…You know…because of the whole “carnie” thing.”


      • Lol! Thanks, Trig, glad you liked it!

  • I can’t wait till he gets back to the states to do a tour! I want to buy the hard copy and hopefully get it autographed. Bob Wayne RULZ!

  • Bob Wayne is a fantastic singer, songwriter, musician, storyteller, and person. He has more musical talent and originality in his left pinkie than most people have in their entire body. I love the album and everything He has ever released. If ya don’t like it…why bother buying it or bitching about it??? I just don’t understand people sometimes.

  • Bob Wayne is a wonderful artist, writer, and performer. His songs may or may not be a reflection of his life. I do not try and guess. If he writes about sobriety and then again about drinkin’ and druggin’, who gives a shit? That’s life. Life is a continuous journey and in flux. To be sobered up, one must have pushed the limit with some demons.
    In my opinion, critics tend to over analyze art. Art, music, and writing are extensions and imagination from the creator. Just shut the fuck up listen, look and enjoy! If it moves you, changes you, or influences you in any way, then take what you can and leave what you don’t need.
    I personally love Bob Wayne and the Carnies. I have enjoyed them live in concert every time. They have always been a fun rebel rousin’ band that gives me what I came for and, that’s a damn good time. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it~ that simple.
    On a side bar, I have never let a review keep me from buying a CD, book, painting or art. I am capable of forming my own opinion. I enjoy supporting the artists that I love and Bob Wayne is one of them. I will always pay for a ticket, buy a CD and some Merch too. Chances are, there are some songs I will like more than others and not all will be life changing but, there will be those that I cannot get out of my head and that I play over and over! There will be those that change my life or help me get through a day or two. I don’t need anyone telling me what to buy or listen to. I don’t need anyone dissecting a CD, song and certainly not someone’s personal life like a biology experiment.
    Lighten up! Have fun! Enjoy the ride while you can.
    As for the writing in this blog, get spell check. Use proper grammar. If you’re going to call yourself a writer, WRITE. How can you write a blog about song writing when you yourself have grammatical errors, misspelled words and improper verbiage.
    When you are finished with your degree in music and journalism, maybe I will pay attention to what you have to say.
    Keep truckin’ Bob! Can’t wait until your back in our part of the world.

    • First off, do me a favor and keep your preconceived, myopic opinions based on the opinions of others whose Facebook thread you followed to this website confined to your narrow Facebook reality tunnel. I don’t care that you want to look cool with your Facebook clique, if you’re going to come here and criticize me, make it based on your own opinions from actually reading the article.

      Second, it’s never smart to criticize somebody about bad grammar, with bad grammar. It’s “over-analyze”, you forgot the hyphen. It’s “songwriting”, one word. CAPITALIZING WORDS FOR EMPHASIS IS NEVER PROPER GRAMMAR. But you’re not going to see me dogging on anybody else for using improper grammar. I know I make mistakes. It’s because I don’t have an editor because I can’t afford one. I never went to college because I couldn’t afford it. However I stand 100% behind my writing skills. If I made a grammatical mistake, how about being a decent human and pointing it out so I can correct it. Or wait, did you actually see a grammatical error, or did someone on Facebook just tell you that they exist?

      How did I know you didn’t read this article?

      “Lighten up! Have fun! Enjoy the ride while you can.”

      From the article:

      “Are we so uptight we can’t enjoy music for the visceral experience? Isn’t it fun to go on a vicarious exploration of the id through music and character? This is what Bob Wayne delivers in Till The Wheels Fall Off; an escape, a good time.”

      Bob Wayne thanked me for this review if you read above. I’m not sure why some folks on Facebook decided some injustice has been done here.

      I’m glad you enjoy and support Bob Wayne’s music, but did it ever occur to you that 99.9% of the world has no idea that Bob Wayne exists? This is where Saving Country Music comes in. You may not like reading album reviews and that’s fine. But some people do. Why didn’t you leave a comment on the article announcing that this album was coming out? That didn’t involve opinion. Or how about The exclusive releases of Bob’s track with Hank3, or the EPK for the album? Do you think these were useful things to helping spread the word about Bob Wayne’s music? His label sure thought they were. This review wasn’t for Bob Wayne’s hardcore fans. I’m not for preaching to the choir, I’m for growing the congregation, and you do that by being honest, fair, critical, not pandering to a constituency.

      Again, you will never see me claim that I am perfect. But for Christ’s sake, if you think there’s room for improvement on this website or in this blog, suggest it, don’t just shit all over the whole idea of reviewing albums and then run back to Facebook to high five your friends about how you really showed me. Saving Country Music is a community. So either be part of it, or please avoid it.

      I also don’t appreciate the characterization that came from Facebook that this blog was filled with negative comments. It’s less than 10%, and most of them were very respectful. A few negative comments out of 80 shouldn’t be enough to rock people’s worlds this bad. Grow some thicker skin, and shake yourself out of your reality tunnel enough where you can at least conceive that someones music opinions can differ from yours. And then show some respect for those opinions.

      Please and thank you.

      • I read every single word. I just disagree. I just pointed out that everyone has different opinions. I didn’t high five anyone on FB. I like what I like and do not like what I don’t like. I don’t know you or feel the need to be accepted in a FB world. Trust me. I do not have a degree in English and I too make mistakes. I do not agree with this review. Actually, you could have an editor. I know of at least a few people including myself that have offered to contribute to this blog. I read it regularly. I form my own opinions and I don’t need FB to guide me here. I in fact have it on my favorites. This is about Bob Wayne, his writing and his music, not a pissing match between folks. Allowing for artistic freedom and artistic expression is part of the beauty in music. I merely thought that the review was narrow and shallow. That is just my opinion. It is not a reflection of anyone else. Yes, I too have grammatical errors. That was in poor taste however, no one on FB told me that there were grammatical errors. I saw them. I read them.
        I read your entire article as I have read many others. It’s not always you (so please don’t take this personal) and you have no control over others replies and responses to your articles, and I applaud you for allowing all to comment but, it seems that many times personal agendas get caught up in reviews. I’m certain it is difficult to remove yourself and be impartial. Probably impossible because everyone has different taste, likes and dislikes. I was merely pointing out that you aren’t perfect. You too have freedom of expression and you too are an artist (with this blog). How quick we are to judge. Maybe others felt the same way when they saw your review of this album.
        Just thoughts. No personal attacks. Not being influenced. Not in a FB club.
        Thank you

        • and yes, I do promote the music I love. I promote and write about local, indie, punk, rock and country music. I review, promote releases and write creatively as well. It is not on FB. Please do not judge me either, for you do not know me or how I choose to live my life.
          Thank you
          Free of FB Hell

          • You just got your ass owned by Trig and then you go and pull some backtracking shit.

        • “I was merely pointing out that you aren’t perfect.”

          Oh, well thank you very much. Where did I ever say or infer I was? I think I’ve been pretty outspoken over the years saying I’m not perfect, and I don’t think I am better than anybody else, or that my opinions are more valid than any others.

          If you disagree with some of the points of this review, then tell me what they are in a respectful manner. Instead you threw into question the whole art of criticism and my legitimacy as a writer. How does that help anybody, especially Bob Wayne? The one point you did make about how we shouldn’t take this music so seriously was the exact point I made in summation of the review. Where are these grammatical errors you keep speaking of? Why are you attacking me? What purpose does this serve to promoting Bob Wayne?

          If you write about and help promote Bob Wayne and other artists, hell yeah! Great! It would never occur to me if I was a Bob Wayne supporter to come and attack someone who just wrote him a positive review, even if it was not my style or I disagreed with some of the points. I may raise my own criticism in a constructive manner.

          The reason it is so difficult for me to have other writers write for SCM is for this exact reason, because as soon as you write for SCM, a huge target gets foisted on your back and everybody loves to throw daggers at it. If you are a Bob Wayne supporter and like this type of music, work with me, help me, give me criticism in a constructive manner, let me know what you think I’m doing wrong. But if you tell me artistic criticism is an illegitimate endeavor and I suck as a writer, were never going to get anywhere.

    • I would really love it if some one could clearly explain to me just what the heck a piece of paper (college degree, birth certificate, News of the World wrapped around some badly cooked fish, whatever) has to do with anyone’s ability to write music criticism. This is the second time it has come up in this thread, both times in posts that critique Mr. Triggerman’s writing. This strikes me as one of the most specious criticisms you could possibly make, and if you’re using it as a point, it runs the risk of making your entire argument invalid.

      This being the internet, for all we know Mr. Triggerman has a degree in musicology from Yale and is sitting in his garret right now, chomping on his pipe while composing an exegis on atonality and Schoenberg (sorry, can’t find the umlat on this keyboard). Though I doubt this rather science fictional premise, that background would not disqualify him from writing intelligently about Merle Haggard as well.

      To make matters clear, I do have a college degree, and do actually think a college edumacation can help improve your writing and possibly speeling. But it is far from the only means to that end.

      My degree is not in music. I can’t even play an instrument. On top of that, I’m partially deaf (sorta like Brian Wilson kinda deaf, if you must know). I’m pretty sure not one of the above three facts prevents me from writing intelligently about music.

      I maintain you only need a coherent worldview and some passion to write well about music. An open set of ears (or, in my case, ear) sure helps as well.

  • I am really not diggin’ the whole “if you didn’t live it, your not allowed to write or sing about it” shit. My husband wrote a song about how he got fired from his job, lost his house and how his wife left him. Guess what? None of those things have happened. We’ve been happily married for almost 15 years, he’s worked at the same place for 7 years and 10 years at the place before that, AND we still live in the 1st and only house we have ever bought. It’s called “being creative”. If every singer/songwriter ONLY wrote about things that actually happened to them, music wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable. We’ve seen Bob and various incarnations of the Carnies dating back to when he was opening for Hank III. Not ONE TIME has he played (or sang) out of tune or had to have someone tune an instrument for him. And after having him as a house guest on more than one occasion, I can promise that if he said that it never happened, then it never did!! And fyi…musicians of all calibers have off nights from time to time. We saw bluegrass legend Del McCoury totally blow the words to a song and have to start it all over. Hell, we saw Dolly muthafuckin’ Parton start a song over because she “…swallered a bug…” while performing outside at Merlefest. I can’t weigh in on the new album yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it just as much as I loved the first 2. I think he has one of the most unique voices in the biz. It suits the songs. I love the way that you can literally PICTURE the stories Bob sings about. And btw…if people want to talk about folks who don’t sing with the same accent as the one they have when they talk, I ask you this…have you ever listened to the Rolling Stones or the Beatles?? I can barely understand a word those British bastards are saying when they talk, but they sound as American as you and me (but maybe not Henrich ;-) ) when they sing. And if you don’t like it, then don’t listen to it!! Simple as that!!! Personally, Ray and I are very impatiently waiting for Bob and the Outlaw Carnies to return to the states so they can make another pass through Roanoke. Don’t change a thing, Bob!!! Haters are gonna hate. Like the old saying goes, “you can please some of the people all of the time, and you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time”. p.s. Henrich…I’m kidding around with you, man. I know you’re from “across the pond” and I had to put that out there!! lol!!!

  • This album is FUCKING GREAT!

  • Oh what the hell… I’ll throw my two cents in…

    I’ve ended up with a couple BW songs on compilation albums made up somewhere, somehow along the way. And I liked the songs pretty well. Then, quite by accident, I caught him in concert. He was the closing act to several bands playing in a local music venue. I didn’t even see his name on the bill. Didn’t even really know what he looked like. Realized later, I was standing next to him during an earlier set.

    The show was good, and raucous. Since then I’ve been hoping to catch him again if he comes in the area and to pick up more of his stuff. Thanks for the review… this pushes me to go ahead and get it.

  • No wonder he says “fuck” a lot…..

    Plus it rhymes with a buncha shit too.

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