Dwight Yoakam Plane Fire Forces Emergency Landing

December 18, 2013 - By Trigger  //  News  //  11 Comments

dwight-yoakamDwight Yoakam and everyone else is safe after a a scare at 50,000 feet Sunday afternoon. Dwight and 9 other passengers were aboard a twin-engine Hawker 800 jet after playing a private show in a small town in Canada’s Northwest Territories roughly 1,300 miles due North of Great Falls, MT, when the pilot radioed in an engine fire while en route back to the United States.

The plane made an emergency landing at the Van Nuys airport; a neighborhood in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. The runway was cleared and the fire department was waiting when the place arrived, but the plane was able to land safely and the engine was found to be smoking, but not on fire. According to TMZ, the private show Dwight was returning from was a 50th birthday party for a woman who recently won a $7.6 million dollar lottery jackpot.

Dwight Yoakam is currently touring in support of his recent album 3 Pears—his first in nearly 7 years. He has shows planned in Houston and Oklahoma before the holidays.

11 Comments to “Dwight Yoakam Plane Fire Forces Emergency Landing”

  • Thank God. It would be a shame to lose another legend so soon. Dwight’s one of the best, and seems to have always stayed true to himself and his craft.


  • Yes, Thank God he’s all right. And I have to say, if I won a $7.6 million dollar lottery, I would spend the money for a private Dwight Yoakam show too.


  • Good to hear that everybody’s alright and really kind of a cool thing for Dwight to go all the way up there for a show.


  • Thank god Dwight’s ok, he is the best love him.


  • Hay River, Northwest Territories. We love our country up north!


  • I forgot, I actually watched this years Canada Country Music awards this year for some reason and it was really interesting. In some ways it was (main stream country music wise) almost like going back in time twenty years. Actually it was just funny and ironic that main stream Canada Country sounded a lot ore country to me than main stream American Country. I also don’t remember seeing the front of the stage loaded with a herd of hot teenage girls. It had the production level of maybe the American Country Awards (FOX). I don’t know how to say it but it seemed a lot less corporate contaminated that our award shows.

    The other interesting thing about that show was that The Band Perry performed (maybe the only American act that performed – I can’t remember). When they were performing and the camera moved to the crowed no one was getting into it. There were actually several people on the front row playing with their cell phones during the song. I can’t remember ever seeing a award show performance where the crowd seemed totally disconnected. I have no idea why, it was bizarre.

    I would have loved to have seen an article here on that award show. It wasn’t great by any means but it was different and interesting (and I didn’t understand what was going on – no background knowledge of the people involved and such).

    Heck – go Canada.


  • Thank God Dwight survived this close call.

    I didn’t know that private aircraft traveled at 50,000 feet.


    • 50,000 feet is a complete, wild-eyed assumption about the altitude. Take it as as the default altitude planes normally fly at, and I’m not even educated enough at aeronautics to know if that’s even correct.


  • Early reports indicate that a pair of Dwight Yoakam’s extra-starched jeans were found in the plane engine after they cut through his luggage and aimed for the wing.


    • Boo. Come on.

      If you actually grew up in the country and went to the clubs and honky tonks to go dancin’, you’d know that women *LOVE* it when you take your jeans to the cleaners to get them extra starched.

      I can’t even imagine what one of Jason Aldeans’ juvenile over sized wallet chains would do to a plane engine if it got loose.


  • I love fruits and nuts at Christmastime.


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