Hellbound Glory Heads East

August 3, 2010 - By Trigger  //  News  //  24 Comments

Hellbound GloryEver since I got my dirty little hands on a copy of Old High and New Lows I’ve been an outright whore for Reno’s Hellbound Glory, but prefaced my enthusiasm by say they need to make it back east. Well now Leroy Virgil and the boys have called my bluff, and built up enough of a head of steam to hopscotch the Rockies a cruise all the way to South Carolina. Hot damn!

Come August 20th they’ll be heading out and won’t stop till they hit the coast. On their way they’ll hook up with some other great acts, including Six Gun Britt and Last False Hope in Chi Town, The Flat Tires in North Carolina, and Aran Buzzas in Montana.

Recently Hellbound has been enjoying some good strong mainstream press and exposure, including a favorable review from my favorite country writer Juli Thanki. And CM Wilcox recently debuted a new song “Malt Liquor”. Hey I thought Hellbound Glory was supposed to be our little scumbag secret? But I tell you what, if this small success keeps Leroy & Co. in beer and hot dogs, that means the music can keep flowing uninterrupted by day labor and dead end jobs, so I’m all for it!

You can find these dates, and ALL important concert dates where? All together class, “At”

Hellbound Glory 2010 Tour

24 Comments to “Hellbound Glory Heads East”

  • I can’t wait for the Chicago show.

  • I don’t see a Georgia date.

  • so so so pumped to see these dudes. ill be at both tn shows

  • Sandman,

    The rumor is they’ll be playing Texas in November, so they may make it to GA then.

    OK somethings weird cause I got a list that says they’re playing Sept. 9th Atlanta, GA at Stella Blue, but Stella Blue is in Asheville, NC, which is what their calendar says. I’ll try to figure out what’s going on.

  • Triggerman: Or even better if they hit North FL. It’s a common loop to hit Texas/NOLA/North FL.

  • OK the Atlanta stuff was a typo. They’re in Asheville both Sept. 8th & 9th.

  • I think a drive down to Montana is in the cards for me.


  • If I could afford the drive I’d be at the Missoula show… Fucking economy!

  • Driving down to Montana. That’s like reaching up to hit the floor.

  • I’ve been a wanting to see Six Gun Britt. Her single on the Outlaw Radio Comp is, how do you say, phenomenal.

    Thanks Triggerman.

  • How is it I live right outside the capital of the goddamn United States of America and NOTHING of worth ever comes here? The real kicker is that EVERY band I want to see, seems to stop in Fargo, ND….an place I wouldn’t even have known existed if not for the movie.

    Thankfully, Scott H. Biram will be here tomorrow, but that’s few and far between. We NEED some scumbag country in these here parts!

  • Bummed that they’re skipping DC/VA, so maybe I’ll have to head down to the NC show. I hope Leroy will play some of his new stuff too–got the chance to hear a couple tracks and it’s awesome.

  • Sean…meet Juli. Juli, Sean. I feel a DC area road trip to Raleigh shaping up!!

  • No Florida shows??? Maybe they will make some changes, or like Sandman stated Florida and Texas together. Daytona Beach has no music scene!!!

  • I’m delighted so many are miffed they’re not coming to your town. That means demand is outpacing supply. Patience grasshoppers, they will make it to your locale in due course.

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  • Hell yes I love Leroy. …it is official he is my B.F.F.

  • Ha! That’s some funny shit Donnie. Gonna be hell of a time in Cincinnati!

  • Yeah, that seems to be the problem with Montana, not really on the tour circuit. So I’m especially grateful to bands like Hellbound Glory, Hank 3, and the Devil Makes Three who make Missoula a regular stop.
    Thanks a bunch for the plug Triggerman! It’s an honor to be mentionel on! And extra special thanks to Leroy Virgil for inviting me to open!

  • give’em hell leroy,be safe see ya in truckee soon!

  • Hellbound just booked August 31st in Ferndale, MI with Whitey Morgan and the 78’s! Leroy and Whitey on the same stage could do some damage! Gonna be a killer night.

  • So I just saw (and opened for) Hellbound Glory last night here in Missoula and all I can say is WOW. If you are anywhere near any of the towns they’re playing in on this tour, do yourself a favor and get to that show! These guys make such amazing music look so effortless, and they are ALL super nice guys. I could spend weeks talking music with Leroy. And Drew, their manager, and I have similar taste in auto-biographis (Cash, Waylon). Last night was epic; watch for that Hellbound train heading east!

  • Had some of the best times of my life this week! Hanging with Hellbound Glory, Last False Hope, Chris Miller from Blue Ribbon Radio, and Jashie P! I can’t tell you how depressed I am that it’s all over and done with. Best Show I have personally ever seen ( and I’ve seen a lot of shows). Last False Hope was killer! Fucking Epic in every single way. I have never been so impressed by sound and stage performance! I’m on my knees bowing down to this band!
    Hellbound Glory are the Scumbags of my dreams! lol!!! The sound was perfect, voice of rambling man, and the guys played so awesome! Plus they were a lot of fun to hang with! I miss them all already!
    I strongly urge all of yall to catch a show if you can. You have no clue on what you’re going to be missing out on if you don’t!
    Thanks again!
    Six Gun Britt

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