Hellbound Glory Releases New Song “The Feud”

April 1, 2013 - By Trigger  //  News  //  33 Comments

hellbound-glory-the-feudFans of Reno, Nevada’s Hellbound Glory who’ve been waiting patiently for new music since the release of their critically-acclaimed album Damaged Goods in November of 2011 can tide themselves over on a brand new single just released called “The Feud.” A fiery, raucous account of the rigors of rural living, the song features a more rock vibe compared to most Hellbound Glory material, and raw, gunpowder-stained lyrics. Devout listeners of Hellbound’s frontman Leroy Virgil will recognize the song as one he’s been playing live for years, but will rejoice in finally having a studio version to listen to.

As a songwriter, Leroy Virgil is one of the best-kept secrets in country music, but may not be for long as Hellbound Glory traverses the country in a supporting role playing arena shows with Kid Rock. As Leroy told Saving Country Music in an interview right before the tour, “You know, I’m a really stubborn person, and I’m not gonna change any way I don’t want to change. In fact I think over the last couple of years I’m even more hardcore than I’ve ever been. And the new material is going to show that…”


33 Comments to “Hellbound Glory Releases New Song “The Feud””

  • Was this song produced by Shooter? I know that their new album is supposed to be produced by him, and this sounds a lot more rock influenced than most of their material. Not that I’m complaining, it sounds bad-ass.

    • It may be from the Shooter material, or it may be a holdover from Damaged Goods, I’m not sure at the moment. I was surprised when I didn’t see this song on Damaged Goods because it was one Leroy was playing a lot leading up to that release. Though I guess it really didn’t fit the vibe. Sonically, Damaged Goods is a little more stripped-down than this song, so it may be newer.

      As soon as I get more info on the song, or hear anything about a new album, etc., I’ll let everyone know.

      • No mention of Shooter on Soundcloud.

        • Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?

          It says, “Co-Produced by: Tommy Byrnes, Michael Lattanzi, & L. Virgil” so that would allude to this not being a Shooter track. Also, when I last interviewed Leroy he alluded to the Shooter stuff all being unfinished. I think they laid down basic tracks and maybe some overdubs, but still have a lot of overdub work to do with it, then mixing and mastering.

  • sounds good to me, but I still prefer their more country stuff

  • I’m really digging the song. Leroy is the fucking shit.

  • If you look at this video of the song http://youtu.be/CT0npTD3lq4 (uploaded by trigger) from two years ago, it was always one of their more rock songs, so I don’t know if you can blame this on Shooter.

    I have looked at some video of their songs from the Kid Rock tour, and they are definitely more rock than the times I’ve seen them (granted that may be inevitable given they have electric guitar and drums)

    That said, the video of them doing Lost Cause on the CMT Edge http://www.cmtedge.com/2013/03/25/discover-hellbound-glorys-lost-cause/

    (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel, drums, and electric bass) was better than the studio version, and when I’ve seen them live with just stand up bass, leroy sitting on bass drum and guitar, and lap steel. Filled out the song, but no less country.

    I like the feud, but I hope it is the exception to their newer stuff rather than the rule

    • I remember when taking that video loving the way Chico stayed on the toms through most of the song, something you almost never hear in country, but something that works very well for the mood of this song.

      We should all remember that this is just one song, and may not even be on the next album. I think back to when I heard the first song off of Sturgill’s new album “Life Ain’t Fair & The World Is Mean.” It freaked me out a little bit at first because it was different from the version I was used to. I was al little scared the album would be overproduced or something. Then we hear the new album in its entirety, and we’re blown away.

  • I’m tempted to buy Kid Rock tickets just to see HBG, but I’m holding out and hoping they’ll come through MI again at a smaller venue. But this song is badass, although I agree that I hope it’s the exception and not the rule with the new album.

  • The CMT video of “Lost Cause” had me worried that they might be getting soft. But this song gives me new hope.

  • Sounds like Stained, Chevelle, Fuel, 3 Doors Down, or something else I’ll never listen to.

    • You just named 4 bands that sound nothing alike.

  • Sounds like a song a Drive-By Truckers fan could love. Especially if you’re favoriter DBTer is Mike Cooley.

    • My immediate thought is that it’s kind of a modern take on Jr’s Country Boy Can Survive.

      • My first thought was Cooley’s Where the Devil Won’t Stay. Another DBT song I’m reminded of is Jason Isbell’s Decoration Day.

        • That is, Where the Devil DON”T Stay

        • Thematically similar (Though differently paced) to something like Boys from Alabama or We’re Never Going to Change.

  • So this is off topic but this seems like a quieter comment section that a lot of the others. I love coming to the site and I visit it once a day read all the article and check out the newsfeed at the top but sometimes it’s a pain waiting for the ticker to cycle all the way through, especially when you miss a link you wanted to follow and have to wait all over again. I was wondering if maybe you could make it so if you click on “SCM Newsfeed” it could take you to a page with the the days news links? Just figured I’d toss the idea out there, even though I’m sure you’ve thought of it.

    • We’re working on multiple revamps of the site’s periphery features. Long story short, over the last few months the site has been experiencing so much traffic and spam, we’ve had to move to bigger and bigger servers and we’ve been so busy with that, we haven’t had time to keep up with everything else. The news stream at the moment is not updating as quickly as it should, and that is the first problem we’re trying to fix. After that we may look and see if there’s a way to have a separate page with all the active news stories. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Nice song great lyrics but to heavily produced for my tastes.

  • Even though this isn’t the usual country-ish songs Leroy has created..this actually sounds pretty good. I kinda like the occasional songs that reach out from the typical. Shows you that Leroy has one hell of a creative side.

  • Leroy is less of a songwriter and more of a full on in your fkn face Prophet……

  • He’s one hell of a singer, too.

  • Hello loud rock guitar, if we wanted to hear that we would turn on country radio. I’m a huge fan of Hellbound Glory and have bought all their Albums, but I don’t want to listen to this kind of music. Maybe playing big arena with hard rock bands changed their style.

    • Point taken that this is more of a rock song than a country song. But there’s no way that a song that rocks with as much conviction as this one does would get played on pop country radio. Wuss rock is what you’ll hear there. Bon Jovi with a little bit of twang.

    • This is why I am a steadfast supporter of the album format, because it offers context for songs. I can’t stress enough that this is just one song, and one that may have been recorded years ago. I wouldn’t take it as a rock direction for the band, just like I wouldn’t take their CMT “Lost Cause” performance as a sign they’ve lost their edge. If anyone doesn’t like this song, cool. But let’s not read too much into it.

  • There is absolutely no similarities between this and a radio country song.

  • Interesting that a couple of weeks ago I saw the CMT Edge video and I thought they really tamed that version down from what I remembered it as. And now this, which in my opinion could easily be played on the local rock station. Not drawing any conclusions here good or bad.

  • While this is definitely more “rock” than the “country” of Bastard Child, I don’t think it is all that far removed from the sounds of HBG’s Old Highs or their debut. In fact, if I was introduced to this song as an unreleased track from the sessions that produced those earlier albums, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Also, the steady beat and his vocals are very reminiscent of his take on Jr’s Whiskey Bent and Hellbound. So while this song may be more Southern Rock then country, I think its pretty safe to say that its not because Leroy is being influenced by college rock stations or MTV.

  • Leroy Virgil has always reminded me of Bocephus. He’s like this generation’s version of Hank Jr. I’m talking about the late 70′s and 80′s version of Jr. Hank did the same thing, he would put out an album mixed with country and southern rock songs.

  • I’m kind of surprised at the reactions.
    I like it pretty well, although in my opinion doesn’t hold a candle to Hope You Die Young, Ballad Of Scumbag Country, or any other stripped down HBG song.
    I REALLY don’t want to ruffle feathers, but I can’t help but think if Blake Shelton or Brantley Gilbert put this out, we’d be talking about trite stereotypical lyrics and “arena rock” guitar solos…

    Just to reiterate, I do like the song, and agree with the “exception not the rule” comments above.

    • If I were some song picker / A&R guy for a major country male star, I’d be all over Hellbound Glory’s catalog. I still believe this will happen at some point.

      • Good point. That would really open some eyes/ ears.

        Not to mention, that would probably be the only way Leroy would ever willingly become “famous” haha.

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