2011 Muddy Roots Music Festival Dates, Lineup & Location

By all accounts, last year’s inaugural Muddy Roots Festival was an overwhelming success. The lineup was amazing, the performances were spectacular, and all the brave people that made the trek to Cookeville in middle Tennessee said the experience measured somewhere between a life changing event and a religious experience. Good times, good people, good food, and of course, good music. The only thing missing was YOU.

So this year for the second installment, we need to fix that. If you like the music that is talked about on Saving Country Music, then this is the premier event of the year. There is nothing bigger, and nothing better. And when you factor in all the bands you will be able to see for the price they’re asking, it’s a bargain. But the music is just the excuse. To a man, the 2010 Muddy Roots participants all boasted about the camaraderie the event created between the fans and artists, and between each other, and the friendships and memories they walked away with lasted well after the music stopped.

Saving Country Music is dedicated to being the hub of information about all things Muddy Roots leading up to this year’s festival September 3rd &4th, being held once again in Cookeville, TN, just outside of Nashville.

The beginning of the lineup can be seen below, but please note more names will be added later, and some could change leading up to the event.

Tickets are $55 in advance, and $70 for walk-ups. But think of this like buying a ticket for a show. Think of it as someone throwing the biggest backyard party imaginable, with any and all of your favorite bands traveling from all around the country to be the entertainment, and this is just you pitching in for a keg and paper plates.

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Current 2011 Lineup:

Wayne Hancock

Possessed By Paul James

Hellbound Glory

Goddamn Gallows

Left Lane Cruiser

Calamity Cubes


Cutthroat Shamrock



Ten Foot Pole Cats

Porter Hall Tennessee

Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band

Rachel Brooke

The Perreze Farm

JB Beverley & The Wayward Drifters

Owen Mays


Rev Deadeye

Mark Porkchop Holder

Slackeye Slim


Last False Hope

Cletus Got Shot

Hillbilly Casino



Foothill Fury

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