Cody Jinks to Make His National Television Debut


After you’ve spent as much time as I have down in the trenches of country music, scouring the countryside looking for artists and bands that could be the next ones to rise out of obscurity and challenge the mainstream’s monopoly on stardom, you start to get a nose for when someone is catching the slipstream towards the higher latitudes, and when the seeds of prosperity that have been sown over many years of hard work begin to sprout.

Folks like Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton, and Jason Isbell were not overnight sensations. It took years of effort and these artists reaching their mid 30’s before it all came together for them. And if you put your ear to the ground, you get the sense that a similarly shaped groundswell is building beneath Cody Jinks at the moment. Benefiting from the grassroots of the Texas scene, but with a traditional country sound that’s impacting nationally right as the appetite for older country is expanding once again, Cody Jinks could be poised for big things.

The Saving Country Music Album of the Year winner will play Conan O’Brien on January 26th, and though the late night talk shows are not the same opportunity they were when Ed Sullivan was still sucking air, getting an opportunity such as this is always a good indication when an artist is beginning to make serious noise on the national scale. When you combine that with regularly sold out shows and strong album sales, you get a sense that Cody Jinks could be the next one to shock the mainstream from the independent realm.

So this isn’t just about watching one of your favorite artists on the boob tube. It’s about watching where Cody Jinks could go from here.