Dolly Parton Dispels Stomach Cancer Rumors, Admits Treatment for Kidney Stones


Country legend Dolly Parton is on the offense after the assholes over at the National Enquirer posted rumors that the 69-year-old Hall of Famer is hiding the fact that she has potentially fatal stomach Cancer.

Three weeks ago Dolly Parton checked into the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville after suffering sever abdominal pain from what was later determined to be kidney stones, but according to an article posted by the Enquirer on Wednesday, October 14th citing an unnamed source, the fear was that Dolly was suffering from stomach Cancer. The Enquirer story said Parton’s long-time and reclusive husband Carl Dean accompanied her to the hospital, proving the severity of the situation.

“Carl never accompanies her anywhere but he was with Dolly during her recent ordeal,” said the source. “He’s been through a cancer battle with her before! . . . she’s worried her luck has run out.”

This began a whirlwind of rumors online Thursday that Dolly may be in the death throes, when in reality she was out in public last week during a regular week of work.

Late Thursday afternoon, Dolly Parton addressed the rumors on her website (and touted some of her upcoming projects):

“It is true that I had kidney stones. I had them removed three weeks ago and I am doing just fine! I am back to work and last week I was at Dollywood filming parts for my new movie “Coat of Many Colors,” which premieres December 10th on NBC. With the 30th Anniversary of Dollywood, I did a full week of activities promoting my new DreamMore Resort’s opening. There is absolutely no truth at all that I have stomach cancer. I love and appreciate everyone’s concern.” — Dolly

The Dolly Parton news comes the same day as Willie Nelson canceled numerous shows due to an undisclosed medical issue.

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