Farmageddon Records Music Festival, July 20-22, 2012

Farmageddon Records, home to such roots acts as Jayke Orvis and The Goddamn Gallows, has announced they’re throwing a full-scale, 3 day festival this summer, July 20-22, just outside of scenic West Yellowstone, Montana, behind the Longhorn Saloon on Hebgen Lake.

Farmageddon founder Darren D knows a little something about promoting shows, and even more about Montana, being from the Big Sky State. He started in the music business on a mission to bring roots talent to the region.

“We decided to throw a festival to give the Western half of the US a destination to see roots music,” says Darren. “There has been a lot of momentum building up to the festival in the last few months, and we have had a fair share of international interest as well. We are certainly aiming to make our festival a destination for anyone and everyone who enjoys this kind of music.

So why West Yellowstone?

If you are going to throw a music festival it’s important to make it a destination point for the folks that are making a long distance trek to be there. West Yellowstone is home to the label and is right on the SW entrance to Yellowstone National Park. This is a great way to make a summer vacation out of the trip.”

“This particular part of the country is stunning, and if folks haven’t had a chance to visit the park yet this is a great excuse to do so. There are ample places to camp in and around West Yellowstone Montana, and there are also plenty of motels and hotels in the area. West Yellowstone is a small town, and it defiantly gives off a small town feel when you visit. It’s really the perfect place to do a festival.”

A few years ago, the one last piece that seemed to be missing out of the underground country/roots structure was a good festival, or group of festivals. Since then many artists have participated in festivals like The Heavy Rebel Weekender and Pickathon. The Deep Blues Festival has been resurrected, the 2nd Annual Lowebow Fest will be going down in Orlando March. And The Muddy Roots Festival has risen to become the flagship festival for underground roots/country. Folks worried that the Farmageddon Festival may somehow take away from Muddy Roots, or that Farmageddon artists may no longer participate, need not worry according to Darren.

We will be promoting the Muddy Roots Festival heavily at the first Farm-Fest. There is easily enough folks out there to support both festivals, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you see familiar faces at both events. We are huge supporters of what Muddy Roots is doing, and we will continue to support them and their efforts. We are all planning on attending Muddy Roots this year again, how could you miss it! This is really geared toward the folks who live on the left side of the country, and it’s not going to be a carbon copy of Muddy Roots, so people who decide to attend both won’t be seeing too many repeat performances.

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As can be seen from the lineup below, there will not just be Farmageddon artists performing, but many folks from the greater underground roots community. (note: lineup can change)


  • Shooter Jennings
  • Southern Culture on the Skids
  • Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
  • The Goddamn Gallows
  • Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band
  • Stevie Tombstone
  • Graham Lindsey
  • The Calamity Cubes
  • Filthy Still
  • JB Beverley & The Wayward Drifters
  • Calamity Cubes
  • Soda Gardocki
  • Black Eyed Vermillion
  • Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies
  • Carolina Still
  • The Pereeze Farm
  • James Hunnicutt
  • Ugly Valley Boys
  • Cletus Got Shot
  • Sean K Preston
  • Danny K & The Nightlifers
  • Owen Mays
  • Tales From Ghost Town
  • The Deadnecks
  • Highlonesome
  • Tom VandenAvond
  • Angie & The Carwrecks
  • Shivering Denizens
  • Husky Burnette
  • Dog Bite Harris
  • The Cheatin’ Hearts
  • Philip Roebuck
  • Whiskey Dick
  • McDougall
  • Ronnie Hymes
  • Slackeye Slim
  • Ando Ehlers
  • Danny Infecto
  • Saint Christopher
  • The Dead Tree String Band
  • Aran Buzzas
  • Hard Money Saints
  • Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy


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