All right all of you Hellbillies and Hellbetties, consider yourselves ORGANIZED!

To help keep this thing moving forward, I’ve just launched

I did this for a few reasons:
1. Any knucklehead can start a MySpace page, but it takes a little more effort (and $$$) to start a website. This will hopefully give more legitimacy to this movement.

2. This can be used as a tool and a reference for media outlets, which I hope to approach to help spread the word of what Curb Records is doing to Hank III.

3. To be a place where non-MySpace users can still participate in this movement.

Right now it’s a pretty simple site, but hopefully as I have more time to throw at it and my semi-mediocre web development skills improve, I can add more stuff and more features to it.

Also, let me know what you think !

This is not my website, this is OUR website! YOU ARE FREEHANK3.ORG! The effort that all of you have been putting out has not gone unnoticed. We are an organization, and I’m just the dude running point at the moment.

Please help spread the word !

Bookmark the site, tell your friends. I also put another linked image on my home page that you can copy and paste onto your own site: