Garth Brooks Falls in Tulsa, Again on Stage Conveyor Belts

garth-brooksLuke Bryan, you officially have a rival for the clumsiest entertainer in country music.

When we first heard of the return of Garth Brooks, we all wondered if he would ring up the score on the younger Bro-Country pups, but we didn’t know it would be from how many times he’s waxed on stage. Garth experienced a pretty serious fall during his Saturday, January 10th show at Tulsa’s BOK Center, the third such fall since his comeback tour commenced, and the culprit was once again a familiar one.

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Garth’s stage setup on his comeback tour has more gadgets than a Swiss Army knife. It breathes fire, shoots lasers, belches smoke, has retractable video screens, endless lights, and a glowing “orb” as a centerpiece. Another feature of the stage is two conveyor belt-type devices running opposite ways that work like suped-up people movers at an airport, rushing Garth from one side of the stage to the other.

And once again while in the midst of singing his cover of Aerosmith’s “Fever” from his 1995 album Fresh Horses, it appears Garth loses his footing on the conveyor belt, sending him careening out-of-control. One of the reasons Garth might see YouTube as the devil is because now the incident isn’t just captured in the minds of the Tulsa concertgoers, but is here to relive over and over…at least until his bulldog lawyers threaten lawsuits and it gets yanked like the previous footage of falls.

Yuck it up fuzzballs, like you’ve never taken a spill … on a million-dollar stage while performing for tens of thousands, on weird-ass conveyor belts that don’t seem to serve very much purpose.

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