Hank III Announces West Coast /Texas Tour

So of course as soon as I decide to leave the real world for a few days, the REAL country news wires get hot. So I’m sitting here in a crude “internet” cafe in the small interior Mexico mountain town of Xilitia, feeding a gerbil that runs in a wheel that somehow gives me some crude and heroically slow version of the world wide internet, and I’m using my last few precious gerbil nibits to bring you the latest scoop in an admittedly concise and unsexy fashion.

Hank III West Coast Tour w/ Kyle Turley

Hank Williams III has just announced a West Coast/ Texas tour beginning in March, and the opener will be the former football player turned country singer Kyle Turley. To see the current list of dates CLICK HERE. More dates will probably show up later, but note that NO date is official until you see it on that site.

I will be attending at least one, if not more of these shows, and am really interested to see what the Kyle Turley show has to offer. Hope to see some of you out there. But for the next few days, I will be trying to enjoy my stay south of the border, and making sure I come back in one piece and not as part of some ransom bargain. So until then . . .

–Triggerman out.

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