Hank III Exposed to 50 Million & Collector’s Edition Released

Today is the release day for the Hank Williams III 3 CD Collector’s Edition Tin. This set includes all of Hank III’s previously released material.

If you already have Hank III’s 3 previous albums, there’s still a reason to but this above the cool tin the CD’s come in: This edition has all the songs on the second album of Straight to Hell cut into separate tracks, so you can listen to all of these songs without having to listen to all the ambient noise in between, or fast forwarding through it.

Some people prefer the slower, mellow Hank III stuff that was found predominately on the first two albums, and some of those people felt disappointed with the edgier Straight to Hell . But that album DID have the slower, trimmed down stuff on the second CD. Now those people and all of us have the option of listening to these songs individually, OR listening to those songs in the context of one long track as they were originally published.

50 Million People to See Hank III !!

Or maybe more, really.

The word has come down that Hank III’s Damn Right, Rebel Proud will be in October 19th’s Bust Buy Circular that reaches 50 million households. If you live anywhere near where Best Buy’s are, you’ve surely seen these things. Some of you may not think this is a big deal, but you have to understand, ‘Average Joe 6-pack’ out there in OshKosh HAS NEVER EVEN HEARD OF HANK III, let alone his music. Just the name recognition could be HUGE! And this is by far the biggest promotion Hank III has ever had for his music, at least for what I’ve seen.

And I am going to step out on a limb here and give all of us here involved with Free Hank III partial credit for making this happen. The pre-order sales of Damn Right, Rebel Proud and the Collector’s Edition have been tremendous, and like I said in THIS BLOG, labels, retailers, radio stations, etc. use pre-order sales to gauge how popular an album is likely to be before it comes out, and how much promotion to throw behind it.

So good work people. And if you haven’t pre-ordered your copy of Damn Right, Rebel Proud yet, scamper on over to Amazon and get that done.

They’ve also been playing tracks from DRRP on both XM & Sirius satellite, as well as some some radio station across the country. There’s also rumors of more reviews of DRRP coming out soon, and more interviews with Hank III, so I will keep you posted on these.

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