Hank III on Curb, In His Own Words

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about this, and so I just wanted to clarify this for people:

Hank III cannot participate in any ‘Fuck Curb’ campaigns or say anything negative publicly about Curb because of an agreement he signed to get Straight to Hell released. For those of you that don’t know, Straight to Hell had the same problems that Damn Right, Rebel Proud is having, which long story short, is legal bullshit.

Hank III can’t say ANYTHING negative about Curb Records.

That’s why WE GOTTA DO IT FOR HIM !!!

But since Hank III can’t speak on it, I tried to hunt up some old interviews, and try to reconstruct what he WOULD be saying today if he could. I found a great interview from 2004 when he was dealing with Curb’s bullshit then, and though its a few years old, the story is the same, ironically the same.

So here is what Hank III would be saying, if his lips weren’t stapled by The Man:

from a Brian Blair article, Oregon Music Guide


“I’m dealing with a man that thinks he’s here to protect me and he thinks that I’m the next Hank Williams, and he can’t get that out of his head. And he won’t give it up. That’s what he’s hoping for and that’s what he’s banking for. And he doesn’t realize that that’s not going to happen even though I’m screaming at him, ‘Wake up man!’

“For me to do as much drugs as I’ve done and smoke as much pot as I’ve done, I do a lot of shit. I have two whole notebooks full of songs. I have a recorder full of fucking tons of ideas. There’s only two releases on Curb records, there should be five to six country albums out by now and there should be at least three rock albums out by now. Fuck, Kurt Cobain died at 27, man. I’m 31. So did Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. All them motherfuckers. That’s what freaks me out. Goddamn, the machine is wasting so much of my fucking time. Hopefully that will change here soon.

“Nashville is looking for the puppet…the Mr. Perfect. That’s the problem. Everybody’s too clean. Everybody’s too pretty. Everybody’s too perfect. Everybody’s too not real.
I mean, look at CMT. Turn on CMT and watch 30 minutes worth of videos and look how fucking shitty it is. That’s what country music has lost. They need more outlaws, men and women.”

See, this is the kind of bullshit he’s having to deal with, and since his lips are bound legally, he needs us to help him out. I’m serious about this shit. I get pissed off as I get when I start thinking about this shit. And I won’t give up.

Let me hear what you guys think.


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