Hank III to Finally Release Assjack Album

Hank III My Free Hank III pants were going crazy today when it was announced that Hank Williams III will FINALLY be releasing a full album of his alter ego band, Assjack.

This has been a long time coming to say the least. One of the many issues that Hank III has been having with his label Curb Records over the years is trying to get his heavy metal music released. Problems with Curb led to Hank III selling bootleg copies of his metal music (which are now collector’s items).

Eventually Curb took legal action to get Hank III to stop selling copies, but last year when Hank III and Curb came to a meeting of the minds about his album Damn Right, Rebel Proud, they also made sure that Assjack would be able to release an album, either under a Curb imprint, or under a third party label if Curb rejected it. Apparently Assjack will be released under Curb Records. Hank III still has one country album left to release before he is done with Curb Records.

At the moment there is not a track list, but there are a couple of tracks up on the Hank III MySpace, and here is the cover art, done by Keith Neltner:



AssJack on CD

AssJack (Vinyl LP with CD)

Why pre-order?

If you’re planning to buy the album anyways, pre-ordering is a great way to support the artist. A lot of labels and retailers use pre-order numbers to gauge how many albums to make, and how well to distribute them. Hank III fans did an excellent job pre-ordering Damn Right, Rebel Proud, getting III a bunch of free publicity, and putting him #2 on the country charts.

Also, if you use the links above wheater you buy now or later, a small portion (and I mean small) goes back to this website to help keep the lights on, and it doesn’t cost you a penny more that ordering regular from Amazon. So pre-ordering is a great way to help everyone out.

Oh, and I forgot to mention . . .


Horns up.

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