Hank III with Big G/ TimPop 2.0 / & IBWIP Delivers !

Free Hank III supporter and all around good guy Big ‘G’ of the Texas Roadshow has landed a big fish, as none other than Hank Williams III will be LIVE tonight on Revolution FM, which you can listen to online by clicking that link. The interview will air at midnight CST, and I don’t want to hear any whining that it’s after your bedtime. You ain’t gonna turn into a pumpkin at the strike of midnight, just pitch a tent under the covers, give NyQuil to your mommy, whatever you got to do just make it happen.

But if you can’t listen tonight, then I’m sure at some point it will be posted on Big ‘G’s podcast where you can also find other cool interviews.

Speaking of hiding under the covers, our beloved Tim Pop is all growns up, and has hit the podcast big time. He has been picked up by punkradiocast.com which is one of the biggest podcast outfits out there. His first show was live on Wednesday 9 PM EST. His shows will continue to be archived at timpoplive.com as well, so if you can’t catch them live, you can always listen or download them later.

And not to drill it into your brain but if you have not checked out It Burns When I Pee Episode 21, you got to get that shit done.

Pound for pound, IBWIP is the best REAL country monthly podcast, and the best-sounding, most professional podcast PERIOD. Great format, great hosts, great commentary, great interviews, and most importantly REAL country music.

Episode 21 was a special one because it included live interviews from the Metal Farm Magazine release party with Keith Neltner and Blake Judd who are the heart and soul of the movement to Reinstate Hank Williams to the Grand Ole Opry.

The thing that I like about IBWIP is that it is a funny podcast and you can tell they have lots of fun putting it together, but when Blake Clayton gets down to interviewing someone, he really takes it seriously. Not that he doesn’t have fun, but he asks good and smart questions and you really come away understanding whoever he interviews better.

For example with Blake Judd and Keith Neltner, after listening to the interviews I really felt like these are good, honest, hard working dudes with good heads on their shoulders and with their hearts in the right place, and it makes me feel great that they are the creative team behind Reinstate Hank. Sometimes this stuff can be hard to translate through MySpace pages or websites.

Blake Clayton and Norma Jean from IBWIP drove all the way from Peoria, IL to Cincinnati to be at the Metal Farm release and do the interviews. That is dedication my friends. Nobody is paying them to do this stuff, they do it because they want to.

And that honesty and true enthusiasm about the music is why REAL country music will never die. Why us, the grass roots, will never go away and never succumb to the moneychangers who have taken over our country music institutions. WE ARE COUNTRY MUSIC. Those people on the pop country stations, they’re impostors. We know it, and they know it. And someday, everyone will know it and pop country’s house of cards will fall.

Believe it.

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