Hear Cody Jinks Make His Grand Ole Opry Debut

photo c/o Cody Jinks

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Cody Jinks made his Grand Ole Opry debut on August 28th, and the Opry has finally gotten around to posting the full official audio of the show (listen below). In a segment hosted by Grand Ole Opry member Clint Black, Cody Jinks received a standing ovation after performing his allotted three songs backed by the Opry house band. Even before Cody began performing, he received a rumble of applause simply by walking out on stage. His notorious fans called “Flockers” had flocked to the Opry House in Nashville upon hearing of the debut, and were happy and proud to see Jinks finally walk out into the Opry’s hallowed circle.

The announcer for the Wednesday night Opry was WSM’s Charlie Mattos, but Clint Black decided to handle introducing Cody Jinks to the Opry crowd himself. Jinks regularly covers Black’s “Nothing’s News” in concert, and the two recently collaborated on a song called “This Old House” with a handful of other performers that will be release soon.

“I asked Charlie to let me fill in for him on this one, and introduce this guy who comes from back home in Texas where I’m from,” Clint Black said. “Everybody knows him back there and people are getting to know him a lot of other places. His 2016 album ‘I’m Not The Devil’ went to No. 4 on the Billboard Country Albums chart, his 2017 album ‘Lifers’ went to No. 2. So he’s got No. 1 surrounded.”

Cody Jinks started the set by playing “Must Be The Whiskey,” saying after the song, “I’m not going to lie to you, I’m scared to death right now. Clint was kind enough to tell me to wear casual clothing in case anyone threw anything at me.”

Luckily Jinks didn’t have to worry about that as he went onto perform flawless renditions of his signature songs “Cast No Stones” and “Loud and Heavy.” As Jinks left the stage, the crowd came to its feet. Multiple videos have also surfaced of the debut, but the Opry archive is where you get the best audio quality. Dailey & Vincent, Jeannie Seely, Gwen Sebastian, Sawyer Brown, Gary Mule Deer, and Ricky Skaggs also performed on the night.

Cody Jinks just released a new song called “Same Kind of Crazy As Me,” and is prepping to release his latest record After The Fire on October 11th. However there’s also appears to be a second album coming called The Wanting that will be released on October 18th, and is now available for pre-order on his site. “Same Kind Of Crazy” is not on the After the Fire album track list, which first had many Jinks fans expecting a surprise record. Cody Jinks said early on to “expect the unexpected” with this new release, and so far he hasn’t disappointed.

The Cody Jinks debut can be heard at the 43:32 mark.

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