Hellbound Glory “Live From Memphis” Complete Concert Video


Saving Country Music’s 2010 Album of the Year winner, Reno, Nevada’s Hellbound Glory has just released an entire concert set worth of video footage from a show in Memphis earlier this year while on the Kid Rock tour. Whether you’ve heard the name before but never had the right excuse to check them out, or are a wiley old Hellbound Glory veteran looking for your next Hellbound fix, this video footage will set you right.

“On March 21st, Hellbound Glory descended up on the city of Memphis, Tennessee and the renown FexEx Forum in support of Kid Rock and the Rebel Soul tour. With much respect to the city’s musical heritage (and a visit the day before), the band laid into a blistering  30 minute set, putting into motion a series of events that only time a whiskey will ultimately divulge. This video document is testament to that fateful night Hellbound Glory came to town.

The audio captured here is a “board mix” and has not been altered or remastered in any way.”

For more information, visit hellboundglory.com. They are currently on tour with The Supersuckers.

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