Hellbound Glory – Old Highs & New Lows

Hellbound GloryIn the last few years, many new bands have sprung up in the new school Outlaw country scene. Some good, and some . . . well . . . not so good.

Some of these new bands seem to understand that addiction and the fight with inner devils and outer devils has been a theme of country music since its inception. And others just want to ape Hank III songs by shoehorning “The Devil! Whiskey! The Devil! Whiskey! Cocaine!” into as many titles and worn out choruses and chord progressions as they possibly can, missing the whole point.

Whether Reno, Nevada’s Hellbound Glory actually get this inherent addiction theme, or if they’re just so damn good at pulling the music off it doesn’t matter, they have risen to near the top of the hard Outlaw country sect as far as quality.

It also helps when bands just don’t sit around in their basement bitching about the state of country music keeping them down, but actually get out there are try to do something about it. You have to pay some attention to the business side, you have to get out there and tour, and you have to let the media know what you’re doing. With Hellbound Glory its check, check, and check! Here’s some verbage from the official press release about their new album Old Highs and New Lows, available On CD or for download:

Hellbound Glory Old Highs and New Lows Cover“This is the second release for the band with punk n’ roll label Gearhead Records, but is actually the third record they’ve recorded. “The songs on this record are a mixture of brand new tracks, and re-recorded tracks from their first self-released out of print record,” says label owner Michelle Haunold. “The band was never happy with the recording on that first album, so we took some of the best tracks from that out of print CD and updated them while they were in the studio recording the new material. They added banjo, pedal steel, and fiddle to all the tracks to give it that feel of classic old country, and it turned out great.”

” “We’re really excited about the new record and the additional musicians the helped flesh the sound out,” says lead singer and songwriter Leroy Virgil. “I’m really happy with the recording and can’t wait to get out there and play these songs for our fans.”

Hellbound Glory formed in 2004, playing original rebel country songs in the style of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Hank Williams. The band has played over 300 shows since their first official record Scumbag Country, opening for such legends as David Allen Coe, Junior Brown, and Jesse Dayton as well as Wayne Hancock and Hank III.”

I might have some of my own verbage to add one I get a hard copy of the album in my hands, but until then you should check this band out, they’re worth your time. You can start with the videos below: