It’s Finally Here: Brennen Leigh’s “Merry Christmas, Asshole.”

I can’t remember when or where I happened upon a clip of Brennen Leigh performing this song live, whether it was last year or the year before on one of her Hard Candy Christmas tours. But I laughed so damn hard, Pepsi came shooting straight out of my nose. And I wasn’t even drinking Pepsi at the time.

Brennen Leigh has written some doozies in her day. Speaking of it, her “100 Year Old Farmhouse” is currently up for Song of the Year. But this one was actually penned by her regular partner in crime Noel McKay (born on Christmas, incidentally), as well as Becky Warren, who also happened to recently put out a badass album herself (read review).

Completely stupid, and perfectly irreverent for the Holiday season, it’s not being hyperbolic to say say this could be one of those compositions that catches fire somehow and accidentally becomes a Christmas classic. All we needed was a proper studio version of it, which we now have. “It’s been a standard at my live shows the last few Decembers,” Brennen Leigh says. “It’s not suitable for all audiences, but I hope it brings you joy.”

Also playing steel, upright bass, rhythm and lead guitar on the composition is the incomparable Chris Scruggs. Brennen Leigh has also made sweaters, hats, and rompers available emblazoned with “Merry Christmas, Asshole” on them. Or maybe you’ll find her “Bro-Country Ain’t No Country” apparel line more appealing.

Brennen released her latest album Prairie Love Letter earlier this year to warm reception. Hearkening back to her Minnesota and North Dakota roots, the songs all revolve around the prairie land and the stories of its people. A usually more family appropriate performer who a few years ago relocated from Austin to Nashville, this humorous departure still strangely suits Brennen Leigh perfectly.

For more new Christmas songs for 2020, check out Saving Country Music’s Country Christmas Playlist. Brennen Leigh merch can be purchased HERE, and “Merry Christmas, Asshole” can be downloaded on Bandcamp.

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