Jason Aldean Gets Hit in the Face with a Flying Beer

jason-aldean-2Hey Jason Aldean, this Bud’s for you!

Actually it’s probably not funny to make light of the fact that a growing population of mainstream country fans apparently think it’s appropriate to whip stuff at their favorite pop country performers while they’re on stage. Don’t they understand the fine tuning of choreography that goes into today’s mainstream country show, and the slightest glitch can be like a monkey wrench in the gears?

That’s exactly what happened on Thursday night at the Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas after Jason Aldean got hit in the side of the head with a half full cup of beer right as he was singing a “duet” with Kelly Clarkson. Of course Kelly Clarkson wasn’t there, so as Aldean attempted to recover from the Miller High Life haymaker, fidgeting with his in-ear monitor and receiving help from a roadie, Kelly Clarkson’s pre-recorded audio continued to play in the background.

Capt. Dave Mattingly of the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office told The Wichita Eagle, “The incident entails a person who had been drinking who had a cup of beer and wanted to get Jason Aldean’s attention to let him know that his friend, who was also at the concert, had just gotten engaged and he wanted Aldean to somehow acknowledge it on stage.”

Sounds like a pretty plausible plan.

The fan was eventually acknowledged by Aldean, but it was with a simple, “No,” as he pointed the assailant out to security. The beer chunker was eventually apprehended and escorted to authorities. Later in the show, Aldean said to the crowd, “It took everything I had not to go kick that guy’s teeth in,” but apparently Aldean has decided to not press charges, and he was not significantly injured in the incident.

Dustin Lynch can’t say the same thing after he got hit with a full can of beer in Florida in late 2014 and required multiple stitches. The Wichita incident could be the preamble to this summer’s pop country concert season which if last year was any indication, could set a record for the amount of arrests, hospitalizations, rapes, and other incidents tied to the unruly and generally moronic fans such events appear to be attracting at a higher rate than ever.