Jason Hawk Harris Readies New Album “Thin Places”

photo: Daley Hake

With his debut album Love & The Dark from 2019, Jason Hawk Harris quickly established that he wasn’t your run-of-the-mill country artist. A thoughtful songwriter with a compositional mind due to his education in classical music, he brought a completely unique set of tools and perspectives to the genre that resulted in critical acclaim for his Bloodshot Records release.

But if there has ever been an artist snake bit by circumstances, it’s been Jason Hawk Harris. The pandemic put a crimp in his capability to tour behind his debut album. A tornado struck when he was trying to make his followup. Bloodshot Records went under, leaving him without a musical home. But he found glimmers of hope amid Thin Places, and that became the inspiration for his new album out October 6th.

Out of ashes came rebirth, including Bloodshot Records being relaunched after its sale to Exceleration Music, settling up with Jason Hawk Harris for back owed money, and agreeing to release his new album. Calamity is the inspiration behind the debut song from the album called “Jordan And The Nile” where Jason Hawk’s history with classical music comes into focus. The new song is also accompanied by a moving, cinematic video (see below).

“The chorus of ‘Jordan and the Nile’ came to me in a random burst of writing in about 10 seconds,” Harris says. “The rest of the song took four years, three recording sessions and 12 musicians to complete. During the process, we were interrupted by natural disasters, life-threatening medical emergencies and the first pandemic in 100 years. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more proud of something I’ve written. I hope it’s not too much. I’m just glad to finally have it out there, and I’m excited for the life it takes on.”

A Houston-raised performer known to some as a member of the Los Angeles-based indie folk outfit the Show Ponies, Jason Hawk Harris was exposed to classic country early on by his grandfather. But like so many of us, Harris fell out of favor with country from what he heard playing on the radio at the time. So Harris got into other styles and started studying classical music, and was on the waiting list to pursue a Masters Degree at UCLA in classical composition when he saddled up with the Show Ponies, and then starting writing his own solo material.

Now based in Austin, Jason Hawk Harris hopes to finally find the momentum and attention his music deserves, despite the setbacks that have dogged him almost from the beginning. “Jordan And The Nile” exemplifies how adept Harris is at pulling from various influences including Gospel, country, and classical to create an intriguing soundscape for his songs.

Thin Places is now available for pre-order.


1. Jordan and the Nile
2. Bring Out the Lillies
3. Shine a Little Light
4. Roll
5. The Abyss
6. I’m Getting By
7. So Damn Good
8. Keep Me
9. White Berets

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