Jennifer Love Hewitt Going Country?

Jennifer Love HewittYeah I know, Jennifer Love Hewitt is hot, but so is the scat as it leaves the bear’s hind quarters. But eventually it grows cold, just like Jessica Simpson’s country music junket did, and I’m predicting a similar fate if Hewitt actually does “go country” like the info the rumor mill is spitting out alludes to.

CMT thinks that Jen Jen might be ready to be criticized Country Style. But I’m not some paparazzi whose going to point and giggle at her cellulite. In fact I hate those celeb gotcha photo journalists just as much as I do LA starlets who try to steal the culture of country music to resurrect a dying acting career and pay a million dollar mortgage.

I, and many mad-as-hell old schoolers like me, are just waiting to twist off on all these carpetbaggers before the first single hits pop country airwaves. We don’t want to laugh at her last celebrity breakup, we want her ass out of the genre (or to never get into it), PERIOD!

If it seems to you like there is one of these stories a week, you’re wrong. It’s more than one a week, as everyone sees the big pile of money called pop country, and wants their chance to roll around in it naked.

Rumors of Jennifer’s burgeoning country career seemed to stem from this news story. I almost died laughing when I read this:

“Hewitt has released four albums in Japan, where she’s a big pop star. She hasn’t worked on any new material since 2002. She recorded her first album, Love Songs, when she was 12. It was released solely in Japan.”

You’re telling me Jennifer Love Hewitt is actually a pop star, but only in Japan ???


And somehow this means she’s got the skins on the wall to make a jump to country?

I can tell you exactly what is coming next. There’s going to be an interview where she will say “I’ve always loved country. I grew up with it.” She’ll probably also name drop Dolly Parton at some point. Mark my words.

I don’t even know what else to say. This whole thing seems like a broken record: Hollywood celeb makes the jump to country, pent up music writing nerd (that’s me) criticizes her. I feel like I just say the same things over and over.

Oh well, if it is a broken record, then eventually we’ll end up right back to the point when the heartthrob gets their ass handed to them and sullies back to the pop genre with their tail between their legs.

Come on Jennifer, I want to hear your best “Yeee Haww !!!”.

What a joke this is.

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