Joe Ely Set to Release New Album “Panhandle Rambler”


Legendary member of the Flatlanders and high-flying singer, songwriter, and guitarist Joe Ely is set to release his latest solo record Panhandle Rambler via his own Rack ‘Em Records on September 18th. His followup to 2011’s Satisfied at Last, the new album is said to be inspired by the desolate plains of the Texas Panhandle, the spirited people and stories it produces, and the special sense of destiny its vastness creates, just like so much of Ely’s work has during his expansive 40+ year career.

Joe Ely was born in Amarillo, raised in Lubbock, and forged a spirited country rock sound out of the West Texas dust that went on to inspire music as far ranging as the punk era to the Texas country scene of today. It is from Ely’s impressive musical legacy that numerous accolades have been bestowed to the 68-year-old recently, including on May 7th when Joe was formally appointed the official Texas State Musician for 2016 in proceedings that occurred at the Texas State Capitol in Austin. Candidates for the distinction are nominated by the public, and then appointed by the Governor and other officials.

“At the top of Texas, it’s called the panhandle,” Ely explains. “There are a lot of interesting characters in this whole collection of works and stories about those characters and about my passing through that world. Ramblers and gamblers that I met up and down the road . . . I’ve been working on it for a couple of years now.”

Legendary music journalist and critic Dave Marsh says about the new release, “This is a classic Joe Ely album. It has moved me, every time I’ve heard  it, with a certain kind of awe. One reason is that, long before you hear “You Saved Me,” he put everything he has into telling the world about a place in the world, and through that, reaching his own emotional center. It’s beautiful and it’s inspiring.”

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joe-ely-panhandle-ramblerTrack List:

  1. Wounded Creek
  2. Magdalene
  3. Coyotes Are Howlin’
  4. When The Nights Are Cold
  5. Early In The Mornin’
  6. Southern Eyes
  7. Four Ol’ Brokes
  8. Wonderin’ Where
  9. Burden Of Your Load
  10. Here’s To The Weary
  11. Cold-Black Hammer
  12. You Saved Me
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