Karen Jonas Captures the True Meaning of Country in New Single “Country Songs”


There is nothing more fulfilling as a music fan than discovering an artist who is completely under the radar, but you known immediately is going to be one of your favorites for years to come. That was the experience many had when discovering the unsigned, and completely-independent Karen Jonas after she released her debut album Oklahoma Lottery in 2014 to much fanfare from the folks who found it, listened, and fell in love with Karen’s songwriting, voice, and unique style of guitar playing.

Since then the singer and songwriter has been hard at work on her second album which she hopes brings a bigger spotlight to her music. Aptly named Country Songs, the new record due October 14th was recorded in her hometown of Fredricksburg, VA, and captures songs written in her living room, and recorded live with a hot shot band, helmed by her guitar player Tim Bray and his signature Gretsch guitar.

Karen Jonas has just made the record available for pre-order (see below), and to pique your interest, she’s also made the first single and title track available for the album, along with a new video.

“Country Songs” speaks right to the heart of what true country music is all about. It’s there to mend the wounds and help us all commiserate over the misery life invariably throws our way. There’s nothing wrong with happy songs either, but country music has always been the best remedy for a sad state of affairs, and Karen Jonas encapsulates this perfectly in this song, while also paying tribute to some of the old greats along the way.

Karen’s album Country Songs immediately becomes one of the most anticipated releases for the second half of 2016 (at least in this corner of the internet), and will hopefully catapult her to where her music can get the greater attention it deserves.

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