Kristina Murray’s “How Tall The Glass” Gives Glimpse Into Her Emerging Talent

photo: Cassie Lopez

In the endless search an old soul must endure to find any bit of harbor from the encumbering effect of the modern world, the enveloping warmth of a classic country song can feel like the arms of a dear lover.

As if walking straight out of a portal from the early 70’s Kristina Murray seems almost more like Emmylou Harris than Emmylou Harris, except with a style and grace all her own. Her eyes seem to carry the weight of 1,000 sorrows, as do the words to her songs, delivered with a sweet melancholy that arises an empathetic response in the heart, and a consoling effect on the soul.

You might have seen Kristina Murray sharing the stage with J.P. Harris as a harmony singer, or appearing on his recent side project Why Don’t We Duet in the Road. Unlike most modern frontmen, the true gentlemen of the genre like J.P Harris and Sam Outlaw don’t relegate their star harmony singers to the back of the stage. And when that woman goes on to bigger things on the strength of her own name, it makes the man look even better. See: Gram Parsons.

After growing up in Georgia and spending some time in the interior West, Kristina Murray has become one of east Nashville’s best kept secrets, making occasional appearances around town, including the local American Legion’s Honky Tonk Tuesday Nights, which has quickly become a Nashville traditional country institution. But she’s now gearing up for a more active role in music, to hopefully leave behind the grind of food service side jobs and false starts for a deserved full-time career sharing her voice and music with ears hungry for authentic tones.

Her first salvo is the song “How Tall The Glass.” Not just a drinking song, Murray makes sure to embed the heartache that goes behind the efforts to drown one’s sorrow in amber liquid via smart lines, while ample steel guitar and supple tones help to chase it down.

Kristina Murray is certainly one to be thankful for in 2017, and to look out for in 2018.

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