Michael Jackson Montgomery Releases Single For Miley Cyrus

michael-jackson-montgomery-my-babys-gonna-dance-001Its the day after MTV put on its annual Video Music Awards, and the internet is buzzing with Miley Cyrus talk after the former child star put on a raunchy, sexually-explicit performance as part of the VMA show. While parent advocacy groups are up in arms, pop country hopeful Michael Jackson Montgomery is hoping to capitalize off of all the renewed Miley Cyrus attention.

Michael Jackson Montgomery was originally part of a mega entertainment franchise manufactured by a major label on Music Row that was supposed to involve albums, movies, TV Specials, and tours, with Michael Jackson Montgomery and his young teenage daughter Natalie (just one name, like Sting) cast as country and pop stars respectively. It was originally pattered around the real life of Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Miley. But then in February of 2011 when Miley Cyrus first began showing signs of becoming a wild child and the relationship between her and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus started to implode, the major Music Row label pulled the plug on Michael Jackson Montgomery’s mega franchise idea and Montgomery was left out in the cold.

michael-jackson-montgomery-the-bleeding-cowboySince then a despondent Michael Jackson Montgomery has been releasing demos of some of his songs, and after a protracted legal battle, won the release of an album called The Bleeding Cowboy on April 9tha compilation of sorts from two different planned Michael Jackson Montgomery albums that were never completed. Some of the songs are complete, some are simply demo tracks.

Chief among them is the single “My Baby’s Gonna Dance.” It is the very first song Michael Jackson Montgomery ever recorded. He released a demo for the song as early as February of 2011, but this is the first time he is releasing the complete studio version as a single. The song lovingly portrays Michael Jackson Montgomery doting over his daughter as she becomes a big pop star.

“This song is really something special to me, Trig,” Michael Jackson Montgomery explains. “I think all the Miley Cyrus fans that are going crazy over her performance will appreciate its message.”


My baby’s gonna dance. Nashville’s giving her a chance.
I’m so happy in my pants. ‘Cause my baby’s gonna dance.
My little girls gonna be a superstar. Selling pimple cream, lipstick, and Korean cars.
And it doesn’t matter that there’s not a song that she wrote, they’ll put it on the radio and shove it down your throat.
Well she couldn’t hold her tune inside a bucket, but we’ll pre-record everything and the masses will love it.
With rhinestones, a cone bra and a bleached mustache, she’ll be daddy’s prized heifer bring home the cash.
Get her some store bought tits and designer boots, and polish her horse teeth down nice and smooth
She can dance around in her underwear, as long as I’m getting my check well I don’t care.
Well the press photgraphed her naked in a Taxi cab, and she sold a million records on her way to rehab.
She’s burning her nose out and popping pills, while I wipe my ass with $100 dollar bills.
And her momma that’s way up there in heaven, ’cause she got killed by Al-Queda at a 7-11
She’s gonna rain down the tears that’ll water her soul, so she can sing her heart out so I get a new bass boat.

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