Miranda Lambert Joins Hank Jr., Son Sam, Kid Rock at Billy Bob’s

photo: Casey Gibbs (YouTube)

Well well well. If you want to get aroused about the impending musical possibilities upcoming now that COVID-19 vaccines are being rolled out en masse and it appears at least some semblance of live music normalcy is in the offing, take a look at what transpired this weekend down at the “World’s Largest Honky Tonk” a.k.a Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth, which was celebrating it’s 40th Anniversary.

Thursday April 1st was the venue’s official birthday, and they celebrated by having Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers take the stage, just like they had done for the premier performance at the venue 40 years before. The group was presented with celebratory 40th Anniversary plaques at the show, and played many of their hits like “All the Gold in California,” “Broken Lady,” and “Statues Without Hearts.”

But the biggest fireworks came later in the weekend, when Hank Williams Jr. was scheduled to take the stage Friday and Saturday. Though Hank Jr. usually plays arenas, Billy Bob’s has been attracting some of the biggest names in country by being able to offer a socially distanced experience in its expansive, 100-000 sq. ft. facility. And when Hank Jr. took the stage Saturday night (4-3), he was joined by not just one, but two additional headliners.

To help Hank Jr. sing the famous “Family Tradition,” none other than native Texan Miranda Lambert showed up on stage. Lam Lam will be playing her own round of sold-out shows at Billy Bob’s later this month. Also taking the stage was Hank Jr.’s son Sam Williams, who is an up-and-coming performer in his own right.

And last but not least, “The Wet Cigarette of Music” himself Kid Rock joined in the chorus. You know, to class the performance up. Kid Rock isn’t scheduled to play at Billy Bob’s anytime soon, but it just might be the only bar left in America he hasn’t been 86’d from. Hell, he got kicked out of his own bar in on Lower Broad in Nashville in 2019.

The sad news is that after the concert, all of the performers contracted COVID-19 from Kid Rock who’s had an especially virulent strain the disease for nine straight months, and they’re are currently intubated at a local hospital, clinging to life. Okay that’s a lie, but a flea dip for Jr., Sam, and Lam would come highly recommended.

Even before the pandemic, a collaboration such as this (however thrown together) would be a rare moment, especially in what’s still considered a club-sized venue in Billy Bob’s. Those in attendance got their money’s worth for sure.

Who knows who may show up on stage with Miranda Lambert when plays Billy Bob’s April 22-24, and May 1 and 2. Fellow Texans Jack Ingram and Jon Randall, who she’s releasing a collaborative record with on May 7th? The other members of The Pistol Annies, who’ve played Billy Bob’s together before? Former love interest Evan Felker? Kid Rock bleeding from his eyes with Ebola? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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